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YEAR : 2007 ENGLISH VOCABULARY # 5 - 2007/01/01
ENGLISH VOCABULARY # 4 - 2006/12/30
ENGLISH VOCABULARY # 1 YEAR : 2006 2006/12/15 savor (v) 品嘗 nutty (adj) 多堅果的 succulent (adj) 多水分的 delicate (adj) 精緻的 鮮美的 pinnacle (n) 頂峰 頂點 With three successful movies out, this actor is at the pinnacle of his movie career. partake (v) 分享 共進 We invited our friends to partake in this delicious feast with us. offering (n) 菜餚 I didn't like the offerings at that restaurant. The food was too strange for me. garnish (n) 擺飾 裝飾 Susan used some lemon slices as garnish around her baked salmon. caviar (n) 魚子醬 One of my favorite snacks is caviar on bread, but it's too expensive to eat every day. 2006/12/14 splendid (adj) 壯觀的 亮麗的 spectacular What splendid costumes! The colors and materials are beautiful. nestle (v) 半隱伴現地處於 依偎 The little girl nestled in her mother's arms and went to sleep. saturated (adj) 飽和的 溼透的 I can't use this towel. It's saturated with water. to one's heart's content (idiom) 盡情地 心滿意足地 Nancy is on vacation. Now she can relax to her heart's content. package deal (n) 套裝產品 套裝銷售項目 You get your hotel room and meals for one price. It's a package deal. mineral (n) 礦物質 Iron is one mineral your body needs to stay healthy. 2006/12/13 sculpture (n) 雕像 The museum has a few stone sculptures of animals. setting (n) 環境 This mountaintop is a beautiful setting for a house. accommodate (v) 容納 We can't invite 200 people. This room can only accommodate 150. complexion (n) 膚質 Susan has a wonderful complexion. Her skin is smooth and clear. 2006/12/12 windows-shopping (n) 瀏覽商店櫥窗 Sandra had some free time, so she decided to go window-shopping at the mall. balance (n) 餘額 Fiona checked her bank account balance to see how much money she had. consume (v) 吃(喝)完 消耗 Ben consumes two cups of coffee every day. dig out something (idiom) 找出 Mom dug out some old pictures from her childhood to show us. 2006/12/11 budget (n) 預算 Gary uses a budget to plan how much money he will spend on food and entertainment every month. in bulk (idiom) 大量的 大批地 To save money we buy toilet paper in bulk rather than one roll at a time. impulse (n) 衝動 一時的念頭 Today's weather was so nice I had a sudden impulse to run through the park at noon. stick to something (idiom) 信守 堅持某事 Once Dan makes a decision, he sticks to it. He doesn't change his mind. cut corners (idiom) 節省開支 Nathan cuts corners by preparing his own lunches instead of eating out. 2006/12/09 oriental (adj) 亞洲的 東方的 acclaim (n) 讚譽 The author earned worldwide acclaim with his new best-selling book. sector (n) 方面 部門 Bob works in the financial sector but would prefer a job in the educational sector. integrity (n) 正值 You can't buy people's respect. You ahve to earn it with your honesty and integrity. instill (v) 灌輸 Have you though about what values you hope to instill in your children? stem cell (n) 幹細胞 The body's stem cells can be used to treat many different diseases. 2006/12/08 discreetly (adv) 不引人注意地 scandal (n) 醜聞 When the newspaper reported the mayor's illegal deal, it caused a big scandal. electronic (adj) 電子的 We need batteries for all these electronic toys. sophisticated (adj) 精巧的 複雜的 This company uses very sophisticated equipment to record the employees' phone conversations. bulletin board (n) 佈告欄 Students share their thoughts about learning English on this Internet bulletin board. cheat sheet (n) 小抄 The student wasn't prepared for the test, so he used a cheat sheet. 2006/12/07 means (n pl) 方法 手段 Jim will use any means available to get the job done. academic (adj) 學業的 學術的 This college's academic year has two semesters. pronounced (adj) 明顯的 Cindy has a pronounced fear of heights. She won't even climb a ladder. ace (v) 得到好成績 Susie is a great student. She aced all of her final exams. arithmetic (n) 算術 Scientists must have a good understanding of arithmetic. standardized test (n) 標準化測驗 Some educators believe that standardized tests are not the best way to judge academic achievement. 2006/12/06 vulnerable (adj) 脆弱的 易受傷的 Layla has a hard time making new friends. The risk of being hurt makes her feel vulnerable. veteran (adj) 經驗豐富的 資深的 Andre Agassi is a veteran tennis player - he's been playing for over 20 years. curse (n) 詛咒 People believe that old house has a curse on it. No one dares to enter it. extinct (adj) 絕種的 滅絕的 Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. security guard (n) 警衛 Chris got a job as a security guard at a bank. 2006/12/05 perspective (n) 觀點 If Billy and I have a disagreement, I try to see the issue from his perspective. nomination (n) 提名 Five actors received nominations for the Best Actor Oscar. But which one will win the award? inhert (v) 繼承 Michael will inherit Grandma's money when she dies. loosen up (idiom) 放鬆 Loosen up, Bob! You need to learn how to relax. vineyard (n) 葡萄園 We grow three kinds of grapes in our vineyard. 2006/12/04 lineup (n) 陣容 The TV show features a great lineup of performance. animated (adj) 動畫的 Many children like animated movies better than live action movies. soul mate (n) 靈魂伴侶 另一半 After dating a couple of guys, Amy met her soul mate, Tom, last year. flush (v) 沖 (馬桶) Please flush the toilet after you use the restroom. bacon (n) 培根 I love to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. sewer (n) 下水道 This building smells bad because it is next to an open sewer. 2006/12/02 stingy (adj) 吝嗇的 小氣的 I think Holly is a stingy person. She hates to spend money on anyone. petty (adj) 心胸狹窄的 瑣碎的 Ron and Kate never argue about important things. Their arguments are always about petty things. attend (v) 參加 Madison can't attend this meeting, but she'll come to the next one. in someone's shoes (idiom) 楚於某人的處境 What would you do if you were in my shoes? the golden rule (n) 黃金法則 The golden rule is a famous saying: "do to others as you would have them do to you." 2006/12/01 banquet (n) 宴會 盛宴 I ate a lot of good food at the wedding banquet last night. reminder (n) 提醒 助人記憶的事物 I might forget about the meeting. Can you send me a reminder. tempt (v) 想要 引誘 That chocolate cake looks delicious. I'm tempted to eat a slice. outright (adv) 全然地 徹底地 That was outright dishonest of Brad to lie to Susan like that. at a loss (idiom) 困惑不解 I don't know what to say. i'm really at a loss. 2006/11/30 crushing (adj) 壓得令人喘不過氣的 壓倒性的 Bob found it difficult to deal with the crushing pressures of his job. cram (v) 死記硬背 Rory stayed up all night cramming for a test the next day. pass someone over (idiom) 將某人忽略 Jill is angry because her boss passed her over for a promotion. nourish (v) 滋養 Meaningful conversation nourishes family relationships. survey (v) 調查 /重音在後/ The school surveyed the students to find out their attitudes about cheating. cram school (n) 補習班 Laura goes to cram school three nights a week to study English. 2006/11/29 conclusion (n) 結論 After listening to everyone's opinions, I finally reached my own conclusion. conduct (v) 進行 The government plans to conduct a test of the local water quality. bond (n) 聯繫 連結 Our strong bonds have kept our family together through many difficult times. self-esteem (n) 自尊 Children with a healthy self-esteem have a positive understanding of who they are. midlife (n) 中年 In midlife, John realized he'd accomplished many of his dreams. 2006/11/28 dine (v) 進餐 At Sarah's birthday dinner, guests dined on steak and salmon. sparingly (adv) 節省地 有節制地 Eat sugar sparingly. It's not very good for you. outfit (n) 服裝 Kelly bought a new outfit to wear on her first day at work. remedy (n) 療法 = therapy Mrs. Gilmore's cold remedy really works! My cold lasted only three days. 2006/11/27 blanket (v) 覆蓋 (n) 毯子 毛毯 After the winter storm, snow blanketed the land. slice (n) 片段 部分 This book shows its readers a slice of American history. portray (v) 飾演 In the movie, the actress portrayed a young woman who loved animals. hardship (n) 艱困 困難 The young student experienced many hardships as he tried to study and work at the same time. plantation (n) 屯墾區 耕地 The family grows corn on their plantation. living history (n) 活歷史 At a living history museum, actors show you what life was really like in the past. 2006/11/25 vigorous (adj) 激烈的 強而有力的 The athlete did vigorous training to prepare for the race. beneficial (adj) 有益的 Eating fruit and vegetables every day is beneficial to your health. destination (n) 目的地 Tell me your destination. Where are you going? purposely (adv) 故意地 特意地 I purposely stayed home on Saturday because I needed to rest. aerobics (n) 有氧運動 Angela joined an aerobics class for exercice. 2006/11/24 mash (v) 倒成..糊狀 boil (v) 滾 烹煮 beat (v) 打 gravy (n) 肉汁 smother (v) 悶火 yam (n) 山藥 山芋 馬鈴薯 wholesome (adj) 健康的 cinnamon (n) 肉桂 pumpkin (n) 南瓜 nutmeg (n) 肉豆蔻 subtle (adj) 微妙的 festive (adj) 歡樂的 fluffy (adj) 鬆軟的 Elliot watched the large, fluffy clouds float across the sky. hearty (adj) 豐盛的 I made a hearty soup full of beef and vegetables. ooze (v) 滲出 洋溢著 This little cafe oozes with charm and warmth. essence (n) 精隨 本質 Mother Teresa's life displayed the essence of kindness and charity. casserole (n) 焗烤菜餚 沙鍋 Luke baked a chicken casserole for dinner. candied (adj) 糖漬的 Emily likes to make candied apples at Christmas. 2006/11/23 abound (v) 存在 fragrance (n) 芬芳 香氣 warmth (n) 溫暖 delectable (adj) 愉快的 好吃的 succulent (adj) 多汁的 growl (v) 咆哮 轟鳴 savory (adj) 美味可口的 breadcrumb (n) 麵包屑 = crumb soak (v) 浸泡 convey (v) 傳達 表達 Looking someone directly in the eye conveys confidence. glisten (v) 閃耀 /t/不發音 /glis?n/ The newly washed car glistened in the sun. tart (adj) 酸的 = sour this sauce is a bit tart. You might need to add a little sugar. herb (n) 芳香植物 Special herbs and spices give this chicken its wonderful flavor. centerpiece (n) 位於中央的東西 最重要的部份 The room's centerpiece is a painting that my grandfather painted. carve (v) 切(菜或肉) I carved the turkey into thin slices. 2006/11/22 viewpoint (n) 觀點 見解 You and I have different viewpoint and opinions on this issue. break up (v) 使..解散 分手 Josie and Nate decided to break up after they had a huge argument. individually (adv) 單獨地 個別地 The teacher told the students they could work on the class project either individually or in groups. fishy (adj) 可疑的 There's something fishy about my new neighbors. They never leave their apartment. backup (adj) 站在後面和音的 Greg doesn't want to be a backup singer. He wants to be a star. 2006/11/21 eventually (adv) 總算 終於 If you save money you will eventually be able to buy a new car. professional (adj) 專業的 Angela didn't know how to paint her living room, so she hired a professional painter to help her. industry (n) ..界 產業 Frankie wants to work in the movie industry. stand out (v) 特別突出 引人注目 Eileen's excellent English makes her stand out among her coworkers. for one thing (idiom) 首先 I don't like traveling. For one thing, I'm afraid of flying. 2006/11/20 venue (n) 場地 This park is the perfect venue for a summer outdoor concert. pull in someone or something (v) 吸引 That restaurant is offering free dessert to pull in new customers. put on something (v) 上演 演出 The students put on a concert for their parents and teachers. attract (v) 吸引 Don't leave sugar on the table. It will attract ants. performing arts (n pl) 表演藝術 Eve loves music and dance, so she decided to study the performing arts. 2006/11/18 reaction (n) 反應 Justin's skin had a strange reaction to the seafood he ate last night. pinch (v) 捏住 夾住 Linda pinched the fabric tightly between her fingers. expose (v) 使暴露於 使看的見 Ben took off his cap and exposed his bald head to everyone. abdomen (n) 腹部 The muscles in Billy's abdomen are sore because he didn't bend down properly when he picked up the heavy box. saliva (n) 口水 唾液 The saliva in your mouth makes food easier to swallow. nothing to sneeze at (idiom) 不容輕視 不得藐視 Bill graduated from college at the age of 17. Now that's nothing to sneeze at! 2006/11/17 calligraphy (n) 書法 Amanda and Andrew used beautiful calligraphy on their wedding invitations. in honor of something (adj) 向..致敬 My sister and I are hosting a party in honor of our parents' wedding anniversary. live up to something (idiom) 達到或遵循 Kevin hopes to live up to his parents' dreams for him and become a successful lawyer. foster (v) 培養 The community center's health program fosters good eating habits and regular exercise. 2006/11/16 pursue (v) 追求 Campbell wants to pursue an acting career. publish (v) 出版 The book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was published in 1950. innovative (adj) 創新的 The new manager brought many imaginative and innovative ideas to our company. bestseller (n) 暢銷書 J.R.R. Tolkien's books have been bestsellers for over 40 years. 2006/11/15 legend (n) 傳奇 Elvis Presley is a rock music legend. unchallenged (adj) 未引起質疑的 未受到挑戰的 He is the unchallenged leader of the class. Everyone does what he says. embrace (v) 懷抱 欣然接受 When Sara moved to Seoul, she quickly embraced Korean culture. follow in someone's footsteps (idiom) 追隨某人的腳步 Casey followed in her mother's footsteps and became a teacher. choreographer (n) 編舞家 The famous choreographer created three new dances for the dance group. 2006/11/14 indirectly (adv) 間接地 A war in one country indirectly affects the countries around it. journalist (n) 新聞工作者 A journalist from The New York Times interviewed the actress about her new movie. firsthand (adj) 第一手的 直接的 Matt doesn't have any firsthand experience flying planes. He's only read a book about flying. publication (n) 刊物 出版物 Time magazine is my favorite publication. I read it every week. mass media (n) 大眾媒體 Radio, TV and newspapers are all forms of mass media. link (n) 連結 This Web site has links to other sites on similar topics. 2006/11/13 blog (n) 部落格 網路日誌 When Allie went traveling around the world, she kept a blog to share her travel stories with her friends. gossipy (adj) 喜歡閒聊的 愛說小道消息的 Don't tell Kelly any of your secrets. She's very gossipy! owe (v) 將(成功等)歸功於 Julie says she owes her success to her parents' support. investigate (v) 調查 After investigating the cause of the fire, the police concluded it was only an accident. column (n) 短評欄 專欄 Abby writes an advice column for the local newspaper. prime minister (n) 首相 The prime minister of England is visting America this week. 2006/11/11 benefit (n) 義演 The musicians held a benefit concert for the tsunami victims. donation (n) 捐獻 捐贈 My grandfather gave a $10,000 donation to the university. accuse (v) 指控 Stan's teacher accused him of cheating on the test. desperate (adj) 危及的 With no rain for three months, the city faces a desperate shortage of water. talk show (n) 談話節目 The host of this radio talk show interviews famous movie stars. shine a light on something (idiom) 顯明 The local newspaper often shines a light on the city government's problems. 2006/11/10 sponsor (v) 贊助 Adele asked people to sponsor her with she worked in a small village in Kenya. burden (n) 責任感 Sarah has a burden for the poor children in her city. millionaire (n) 百萬富翁 Mr. Tsai's successful business made him a millionaire. devastate (v) 破壞 毀壞 The village was devastated by the typhoon. Almost all of the houses were blown away. kit (n) 成套工具 工具箱 You'll find some white thread(線) in my sewing(裁縫) kit. tsunami (n) 海嘯 The Asian tsunami in 2004 took many lives. 2006/11/09 celebrity (n) 名人 名流 We were very excited when we saw some celebrities eating at a famous HollyWood restaurant. publicity (n) 公眾的注意 The singer visited nine cities to create publicity for her new CD. charitable (adj) 慈善的 Our company doesn't only make money. We also do some charitable work. ambassador (n) 大使 使節 The ambassador represented his country at the recent international conference. UNICEF - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 聯合國兒童基金會 UNICEF works to improve children's health and education around the world. 2006/11/08 stranded (adj) 受困的 Our boat broke down, so we were stranded on the island until someone rescued us. standby (adj) 候補的 The standby passengers will board the plane last. take pity on someone (idiom) 同情某人 Bill took pity on the hungry dog and gave him some food to eat. luxurious (adj) 豪華的 Sarah owns a luxurious home in the richest part of town. strike (n) 罷工 After the company refused to offer better benefits, the employees went on strike. 2006/11/07 treatment (n) 治療 The patient was told he needed treatment for his heart problems. withdraw (v) 提領 I need to withdraw $1000 from the bank. darling (adj) 可愛的 鍾愛的 Mary loves all of her darling children. promptly (adv) 立即地 Please reply promptly to my letter. I need your response right away. make a scene (idiom) 引人側目 Stop shouting and making a scene. We can talk about this in private. 2006/11/06 random (adj) 偶然的 胡亂的 James didn't know the answer, so he just made random guesses. goodwill (n) 善意 Our new boss expressed his goodwill by giving everyone a small raise. hesitate (v) 猶豫 When Tom asked Amy to marry him, she hesitated for a little while and then said, "Yes!" out of the blue (idiom) 突如其然地 出乎意料地 His comments came out of the blue. I didn't expect them at all. plywood (n) 木夾板 During the typhoon, we used plywood to cover our windows. handcart (n) 手推車 This box is too heavy to lift by hand. Try using a handcart instead. 2006/11/04 sustain (v) 維持 Much patience and understanding sustained the couple through their first year of marriage. irritate (v) 使惱怒 使不愉快 Nathan's strange comments irritated everyone else in the meeting. break something down (v) 將..分解為幾個部份 This project is too big. Let's break it down so that each person is responsible for a different part. aim (v) 意欲 致力於 Louis aims to be a famous artist by the time he's 30. verse (n) (聖經的)節 詩句 This poem has four verses in it. Rom wasn't built in a day (idiom) 羅馬不是一天造成的 When people ask Pete why his business isn't successful yet, he tells them, "Rom wasn't built in a day." 2006/11/03 gratification (n) 滿足 Don't buy something just for the gratification of owning it. Make sure it's something you really need. setback (n) 挫折 drawback (n) 缺點 Our picnic plans suffered a major setback when it started to rain. temper (n) 脾氣 性情 My boss has a very bad temper. He gets angry easily. fume (v) 發怒 怒氣沖沖 Maggie fumed for an hour after the argument with her boyfriend. traffic jam (n) 車陣 塞車 A car crash on Highway 1 caused a big traffic jam this morning. 2006/11/02 sacrifice (v) 犧牲 奉獻 Jim sacrificed his day off work to help a friend move. cut back on something (v) 減少 削減 I need to lose weight. I should cut back on desserts. responsibility (n) 職責 責任 As our children grew older, we gave them more responsibilities at home. efficient (adj) 有效率的 Jonathan is very efficient. He gets his work done quickly and well. 2006/11/01 promotion (n) 升遷 晉升 Helen just got a promotion at work. Now she's a manager. overhear (v) 偶然聽到 無意中聽到 I overheard what Rob said when he was talking to Amanda. content (adj) 滿足的 滿意的 Gary isn't content with his job. He wants to find a new one. make a fuss (idiom) (面對問題)小題大做進而發怒 When Susie's parents didn't let her go to the party, she cried and made a fuss. close-knit (adj) 親密的 緊密結合的 knit /nit/編織,接合(v) 編織法(n) Our class is very close-knit. We are all good friends. play catch (v) 玩接球遊戲 My brother and I wanted to play outside. So we took a ball and went to the park to play catch. 2006/10/31 endurance (n) 耐力 This 21-km race tested my physical strength and endurance. maintenance (n) 維修 保養 The mechanic said I sould bring my car in for maintenance every two months. stand the test of time (idiom) 禁得起時間考驗 You say you love him now. But will your love stand the test of time? durable (adj) 耐用的 Mattthew travels often, so he bought luggage that is durable. rim (n) 邊緣 When you move the piano, be careful not to damage the rim. 2006/10/30 craft (v) 打造 製作 This table was crafted our of two types of wood. exemplify (v) 示範 Peter exemplifies patience with his careful, laid-back attitude. strive (v) 努力 致力於 Betty strives for the top grade in all her classes. found (v) 創立 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. craftsmanship (n) 工藝技巧 My grandfather showed a high level of craftsmanship in the furniture he made. 2006/10/28 veterinarian (n) 獸醫 縮寫vet classify (v) 分類 Ben classified his books according to subject. motivation (n) 動機 誘因 Vince's motivation for studying English is to get a better job. in tune with something (idiom) 了解 This professor is in tune with his students. He understands them well. book smart (adj) 很會唸書的 Barry is really book smart, so he always does well on tests. social worker (n) 社工人員 Charless enjoys being a social worker because he can help families in trouble. entrepreneur (n) 企業家 Patty has many creative business ideas. I think she'll be an entrepreneur someday. 2006/10/27 logic (n) 邏輯 Our boss makes decisions based on logic, not his own feelings. visualize (v) 使..具象化 想像 Jenny described her brother's apperance to me, but I still couldn't visualize him. coordinated (adj) 協調的 Ben's son isn't well coordinated, so he easily drops things. pitch (n) 音高 Are these two musical instruments playing at the same pitch. engineer (n) 工程師 Kelly wants to be an engineer who designs and builds bridges. physical therapist (n) 物理治療師 As a physical therapist, Ethan helps people regain their physical strength and abilities. 2006/10/26 excel (v) 勝過 優於 intelligence (n) 智能 智力 Peter impressed his teachers with his high intelligence. theory (n) 理論 Matthew has a theory that his cat and dog can talk to each other. But no one believes him. field (n) 領域 The conference gathered experts from different fields such as economics and health. pick up something (v) 學會 Sarah is good at many sports, so she picked up tennis very easily. multiple (adj) 多元的 多個的 Haley has multiple reasons for not going to that college. 2006/10/25 small-minded (adj) 心胸狹窄的 固執己見的 Josh has some small-minded opinions. He doesn't think women make good leaders. discouraged (adj) 沮喪的 Brian was discouraged when he found he only got 50 on the test. give away something (v) 洩露某事 The children tried to hide in the closet. But they gave themselves away by laughing too loudly. upbringing (n) 成長背景 Stephanie had a happy upbringing. She had two loving parents and a stable home life. Caucasian (adj) 白種人的 Growing up in Africa, Adele didn't have many Caucasian friends. 2006/10/24 stubborn (adj) 頑固的 難對付的 give in (v ph) 讓步 drastic (adj) 嚴厲的 徹底的 Anne's doctor told her she needed to make drastic changes to her diet. She needed to stop eating sugar. grudgingly (adv) 勉強地 不情願地 = reluctantly The little boy's mother told him to share his chocolate, so he grudgingly gave his sister the last piece. bilingual (adj) 雙語的 This company has a bilingual environment. Both English and Japanese are used. at odds (idiom) 不一致 The two leaders were at odds with one another. They couldn't agree who should lead the team. 2006/10/23 accent (n) 腔調 Marie is French, so she speaks English with a strong French accent. not have a clue (idiom) 毫無頭緒 完全不知道 I don't have a clue why David is so upset. Did I say something wrong? exception (n) 例外 The museums in this city open at 10 a.m. But the art museum is an exception. It opens at 11 a.m. fluent (adj) 流利的 Robert only lived in Germany for a year, but he's already fluent in German. little does one know (exp) 一點也不知道 We decided not to hire Thomas. Little did we know he would work for our competitor. 2006/10/19~10/21 grace (v) 美化 使優美 Tiny red and pink flowers grace the edges of Martha's garden. slope (n) 斜坡 Jim was tired after he climbed the mountain. landscape (v) 從事景觀美化或園藝工作 When Kendra landscaped her yand, she planted lots of trees and flowers. antique (n) 古董 Linda loves to collect antiques. She has many that are over 200 years old. enthusiast (n) 對..熱衷的人 Jeremy is a car enthusiast. He knows everything about them. headquarters (n pl) (公司機關等的)總部 The managers in our company's headquarters make the big decisions. brochure (n) 小冊子 This four-page brochure tells everything you need to know about the resort. out of the ordinary (idiom) 不尋常的 Did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary last night? date (v) 始於 (某一歷史時期) This home is very old. It dates from the 16th century. abound (v) 充滿 The Pacific Ocean abounds with many kinds of colorful fish. summit (n) 峰頂 頂點 From the summit of the mountain, Peter could see all over the countryside. promenade (n) 人行步道 People love to walk along the promenade and admire the trees and flowers. fondue (n) 起司火鍋 This fondue is delicious! Dip a piece of bread into it and taste it! steamer (n) 汽船 輪船 The steamer took four hours to cross the lake. dungeon (n) 地牢 The dungeon of the castle is dark and cold. cogwheel railway (n) 齒軌火車 One a cogwheel railway, a cogwheel moves the train cars along the track. alpine (adj) 高山生長的 This alpine meadow sits high in the mountains. 2006/10/18 compatible (adj) 相容的 Kara can't play her new computer game. It isn't compatible with her computer. tangle (v) 纏 糾結 The little girl's long hair tangles very easily. discreetly (adv) 不引人注意地 謹慎的 Bob discreetly moved the ugly statue behind the plant so no one could see it. fabric (n) 布料 Julia chose a blue fabric to make her dress. joystick (n) 遊戲操作桿 My brother uses a joystick to play computer games. control panel (n) 控制面板 To turn on this machine, press the green button on the control panel. 2006/10/16~10/17 skeptical (adj) 懷疑的 Ella is still skeptical about Jim's honesty. She isn't sure he's telling the truth. cuddle (v) 依偎著 親密地摟抱著 My two-year-old daughter loves to cuddle with me before she goes to sleep. strict (adj) 嚴格的 嚴厲的 My school has more rules than other schools. It's very strict. punish (v) 懲罰 處罰 Marvin hit one of his classmates, so his teacher punished him. privilege (n) 權利 特權 As a member of this club, I have many privileges such as free meals. mature (adj) 成熟的 Hannah seems older than she really is. She's very mature. keep up (idiom) 保持 When Tim kept up his grades all year, his parents rewarded him with a new computer. reasonable (adj) 合理的 My new boss's demands are very reasonable. He doesn't ask me to do more than I really can. 2006/10/14 scarf (n) 圍巾 approach (n) 處裡態度 處裡方式 Charles always has a positive approach to life even when he faces difficult problems. controversial (adj) 有爭議的 Everyone loved Professor Smith. So the university's decision to fire him was very controversial. awestruck (adj) 充滿敬畏的 Becky was awestruck when she met her favorite singer. fairy tale (n) 童話故事 Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are two famous fairy tales. through and through (adv) 道道地地地 徹底地 Although I love Chinese culture, I am an American through and through. 2006/10/13 love at first sight (idiom) 一見鍾情 For Jeff and Beverly, it was love at first sight. They fell in love immediately. successor (n) 繼任人 繼任者 President George W. Bush was Bill Clinton's successor. progressive (adj) 創新改革的 This company's president is very progressive, so the workers with traditional views often disagree with him. hindrance (n) 障礙 My grandmother faced many hindrances when she tried to attend an all-male college. child abuse (n) 兒童受虐 Victoria experienced child abuse when she was 11 years old. 2006/10/12 dedication (n) 付出 奉獻 Irene's dedication to her husband and children keeps her family strong. outspoken (adj) 坦率的 直言不諱的 My college roommate was very outspoken about protecting the environment. He often gave speeches to promote recycling. relocate (v) 搬家 重新遷移到.. When my father lost his job, our family had to relocate to a new city. distinguished (adj) 著名的 可區別的 His uncle is a distinguished professor. He has written five books and has won many awards. fir the mold (idiom) 符合某種既定的期望 Although his father and grandfather are doctors, Jason just doesn't fit the mold. He wants to be an actor instead. Gulf War (n) 波斯灣戰爭 The Gulf War began when Iraqi soldiers entered Kuwait on August 2, 1990. 2006/10/11 sellout (n) 售完 客滿的演出 blockbuster (n) 破壞性特強的炸彈 大轟動 composer (n) 作曲家 Mozart and Strauss are two famous composers from Austria. formula (n) 公式 Tom thinks the formula for a successful movie is a good-looing main star and an imaginative story. enthusiasm (n) 著迷 熱情 Enthusiasm for our cooking class is growing. Last week, we only had five students. This week, we had 15. stop (n) 停留的一站 旅程的一站 The band has 35 scheduled stops on their international tour. 2006/10/10 plot (n) 劇情 The plot in this movie was very easy to follow. center stage (n) 注目的焦點 There are other important issues to deal with, but the rise in oil prices is now at center stage. reflect (v) 反映 today's movies reflect a change in society's values. count on someone or something (v) 依賴某人或某事 Bryan can always be counted on to arrive early. 2006/10/09 open-air (adj) 露天的 I heard it might rain tonight. So make sure you bring an umbrella to the open-air concert. evolve (v) 演變 發展成 In ten years, our one-room shop evolved into an international company. format (n) 型態 形式 the teachers use basically the same teaching format in each class. bring to life (idiom) 使..生動起來 This storyteller uses his voice to bring the characters to life. special effect (n) 特效 Many amazing special effects were used in the movie King Kong. set (n) 佈景 Two painters painted the colorful set for tonight's play. 2006/10/07 stir (v) 攪動 culinary (adj) 亨飪的 sprinkle (v) 灑 Jim sprinkled salt on his popcorn. tantalizing (adj) 誘人的 What is that tantalizing smell coming from the kitchen? It's making me hungry! dumpling (n) 韓式年糕 餃子 For dinner on Saturdays, we always make dumplings together as a family. smother (v) 淋上厚厚一層 The chef smothered the chicken in a delicious cream sauce. needless to say (idiom) 不用說 This is my first trip to America. Needless to say, I am very excited. 2006/10/06 cabbage (n) 甘藍菜 捲心菜 turnip (n) 蕪菁 lettuce (n) 萵苣 /lEtis/ bean sprout (n) 豆芽 sprout (n)(v)發芽 嫩枝 One of my favorite Chinese dishes is fried bean sprouts. distinctive (adj) 特殊的 獨特的 Bob has a distinctive voice. I can easily recognize his voice when I hear it. grill (v) 烤 In the summer, Americans like to grill hamburgers in their backyard. exquisite (adj) 精緻的 The actress wore an exquisite dress to the Academy Awards. ferment (v) 發酵 Wine is made by fermenting grapes or other fruit. marinade (n) 醃汁 Let the meat sit in this marinade for an hour before cooking it. 2006/10/05 province (n) 省 省份 Ling's family comes from Shandong Province in China. essay (n) 文章 報告 We have to write an essay for history clas. impersonal (adj) 沒人情味的 The boss sent me a birthday card, but his secretary signed it. It was very impersonal. worthwhile (adj) 值得的 有價值的 I spent a lot of money decorating the house, but it was worthwhile. Now the house is beautiful. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) 聯合國教科文組織 UNESCO was created in 1945. More than 190 countries are members. 2006/10/04 land (v) 得到 As soon as he graduated from college, Henry landed a great job. big league (n) 重要地位 翹楚之列 Jake's new idea could put our company in the big leagues. intent on something (adj) 專注於某事的 intent (n)意圖 目的 (adj)急切的 熱切的 intend (v) 想要 打算 Philip was so intent on studying that he didn't hear the phone ring. stray (v) 偏離 In the forest, the little boy strayed away from the main path and got lost. on track (idiom) 在軌道上 在正途上 For a while Peter was too busy to study English, but he's back on track onw. 2006/10/03 organizer (n) 主辦者 The organizers of this trip to Europe did a good job. They planned everything well. contestant (n) 參賽者 Contestants from many countries competed in this competion. assure (v) 向..保證 I assure you that you can improve your English if you try hard. place (v) 獲得第..名 My sister placed third in a national singing contest. 2006/10/02 competition (n) 比賽 競賽 Will you enter the English speech competition? leading (adj) 主要的 居領導地位的 Jack is going to attend a leading university in America. promote (v) 宣傳 推銷 If you don't promote your new book, will anyone buy it? qualify (v) 取得資格 具備合格條件 The athlete hopes he will qualify for the 2008 Olympics. producer (n) 製作人 A top record producer offered to help Grace record her first album. 2006/09/30 under the weather (idiom) 身體不適的 Valerie feels under the weather today. She has a headache and cough. stuffy (adj) 窒悶的 塞住的 Claire's head feels stuffy. Maybe she has a cold. symptom (n) 症狀 A high fever is one symptom of the flu. common sense (n) 常識 Jonathan doesn't have much common sense. He often makes silly mistakes. dehydrated (adj) 脫水的 Mitchell became dehydrated after not drinking water while exercising. muscle ache (n) 肌肉酸痛 Michelle had muscle aches for a week after falling down. 2006/09/29 artificial (adj) 人工的 人造的 Those flowers aren't real. They're only artificial ones. get in the way (idiom) 妨礙 My little brother tried to help bake the cake, but he only got in the way. impact (v) 對..產生影響 Rising gas prices will impact this country's economy. optimism (n) 樂觀 When things are going wrong, Jenna makes us feel better with her optimism. wrestling (n) 摔角 Dave and Bryan went to a wrestling match on Saturday. motivational (adj) 激勵人心的 The principal began the teachers' meeting with a motivational speech. 2006/09/28 achievement (n) 成就 Winning the Olympics was the swimmer's greatest achievement. shortcomings (n pl) 缺陷 缺點 Alan has many shortcomings, but he is still a good person. self-reliant (adj) 自力更生的 依靠自己的 reliant(adj)依靠的 When Annie went to college, she learned to be self-reliant and take care of herself. starve (v) 餓死 I didn't eat any dinner. If I don't eat some food soon, I'm going to starve! condition (n) 疾病 症狀 Ted's dad can't work too hard because he has a heart condition. 2006/09/27 hatred (n) 憎恨 敵意 shock (v) 使震驚 Alicia was shocked when she heard her husband was in a car accident. extinguish (v) 使某種感受消失 熄滅 The restaurant owner extinguished the customer's anger by offering him a free meal. little by little (adv) 一點一滴地 Andrew's Chinese is improving little by little. He can have simple conversations with people now. cherish (v) 珍惜 Ruth cherishes the necklace her grandmother gave her. 2006/09/26 harsh (adj) 刺鼻的 刺目的 刺耳的 overjoyed (adj) 欣喜若狂的 Christine was overjoyed when she got her dream job. resentment (n) 憤慨 憤怒 Rose felt resentment after her boss fired her for no reason. discard (v) 拋棄 丟棄 If you don't want those clothes, just discard them. conflict (n) 衝突 爭執 Tom and Jerry have a lot of conflict between them. They don't get along. 2006/09/25 exclaim (v) (由於興奮,憤怒)呼喊 驚叫 tearful (adj) 含淚的 流淚的 prestigious (adj) 聲譽卓著的 Ben is very excited because he just got accepted to the most prestigious college in the country. regulation (n) 規定 The school has a regulation that all students must wear a uniform. assure (v) 向..保證 Dad stopped worrying after I assured him I would drive carefully. break someone's heart (idiom) 使某人心碎 It broke Josie's heart when her dog ran away. seminary (n) 神學院 Billy went to seminary to learn more about God. 2006/09/23 well-informed (adj) 對某事物有充分及正確了解的 Richard watches the news to stay well-informed on current events. pros and cons (n pl) 優缺點 正反兩面 Our boss is considering the pros and cons of opening a new branch. equip (v) 使有能力 配備 Policemen are equipped with guns for their own safety. fall for something (v) 上當 Ben fell for the promise that this medicine heals all illness. take heart (idiom) 振作起來 Yes, she rejected you. But take heart; there are many other nice girls out there. scam (n) 騙局 Be careful of people who tell you they know a way to make money quickly. It's usually a scam. 2006/09/22 likelihood (n) 可能性 There is little likelihood that Dennis will go to college. He doesn't like to study. attain (v) 達到 獲得 Peter's hard work helped him attain the highest grade in class. solid (adj) 堅定的 Ben has some solid opinions on the matter. You won't change his mind easily. bias (n) 偏見 I think this newspaper has a bias against the current government. 2006/09/21 evaluate (v) 評估 Mr. Smith evaluate his students' improvement over the semester to decide their grades. in short (idiom) 簡言之 Tea has little caffeine and many health benefits. In short, drinking tea is good for you. credible (adj) 可信的 可靠的 I didn't believe his story. It wasn't very credible. illustrate (v) 說明 闡明 Miss Ebert showed us a drawing to illustrate how water travels from one place to another. critical thinking (n) 批判性思考 Many schools teach critical thinking as part of their curriculum. 2006/09/20 kayak (n) 小船 愛斯基摩小船 mist (n) 靄氣 霧氣 In the morning, a beautiful mist covers the top of the mountain. cruise (n) 巡航 (坐船)旅行 Dad suprised Mom with a 14-day cruise around the Greek Islands. go out of one's way (idiom) 特地 Debbie went out of her way to make her guests feel comfortable. lure (v) 吸引 引誘 The stranger lured the children into his car with candy and toys. 2006/09/19 intrigue (n)(v) 陰謀策劃 密謀 激起..好奇心 orginate (v) 起源於 來自 Many people say pizza originated in Italy. But others say it originated in Greece. reflection (n) 倒影 Linda saw her reflection in the big mirror as she walked past it. revere (v) 崇敬 景仰 /ri'vir/ Some people admire the president, but others also revere him. sarcastically (adv) 諷刺地 挖苦地 Our house is so old and ugly that Paul sarcastically calls it "the palace." cilantro (n) 香菜 There is too much cilantro in this food. The flavor is too strong. mausoleum (n) 陵寢 陵墓 The mausoleum has hundreds of tombs in it. 2006/09/18 fight off (v) 擊退 endure (v) 忍受 持續 resilient (adj) 具有恢復力的 Andy is a very resilent person. Even though he's lost two jobs, he hasn't given up. brood (v) 憂悶地沉思 I know you had a bad day, but don't brood on it. Just try to forget it and move on. asset (n) 資產 Katie is good at many things, but her best asset is her ability to make people feel comfortable. dominance (n) 統治(地位, 時期) 支配 The king's dominance in this country is very strong. Everyone respects and listens to him. civil war (n) 內戰 After 40 years of civil war, the country is finally at peace. bend (n) 轉彎處 Slow down! There's a bend in the road. 2006/09/16 impart (v) 透露 mild (adj) 溫和的 lettuce (n) 萵苣 /lEtis/ succulent (adj) 多汁的 ritual (n) 儀式 慣例 his morning ritual includes drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. medley (n) 集錦 Walking through the night market, I enjoyed the medley of interesting sights and sounds. sink one's teeth into something (idiom) 一口咬下 I can't wait to sink my teeth into my sandwich. It looks delicious! virtue (n) 優點 美德 Kindness and patience are two virtues that I hope to develop in my life. sugarcane (n) 甘蔗 Sugarcane is used to make white sugar. star fruit (n) 楊桃 My favorite kind of fruit is the star fruit. 2006/09/15 steamed (adj) 蒸的 煮的 tender (adj) 嫩的 lime (n) 酸橙 savory (adj) 美味可口的 undeniably (adv) 不可否認地 無疑地 Susan is undeniably in love. She can't stop talking about her new boyfriend. delicate (adj) 鮮美的 芳香的 Mary breathed in deeply, enjoying the flowers' delicate smell. zest (n) 風味 滋味 A slice of lemon will give this tea a little extra zest. touch (n) 少許 一丁點 Jim put roses on the table, adding a touch of romance to the meal. spring roll (n) 春捲 I like spring rolls with vegetables wrapped inside them. 2006/09/14 gadget (n) 小玩意 精巧實用的器具 My mom likes kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier. calculator (n) 計算機 I can't work out this math problem in my head. I need a calculator. feedback (n) 反應 回應 The station received lots of positive feedback about the new TV show. comprehension (n) 理解力 This test will check students' listening comprehension. built-in (adj) 內建的 Sam's dorm room has a built-in desk, table and closet. workbook (n) 練習簿 The English workbooks contain pictures, puzzles, games and quizzes. 2006/09/13 indulge (v) 使滿足 During his trip to Rome, Victor indulged his taste for Italian food. solo (adj) 單飛的 單獨的 A musician must be very talented in order to have a successful solo career. element (n) 元素 要素 I finally realized what element is missing from this song. There are no drums! buff (n) 迷 愛好者 Grace is a movie buff. She goes to the movies at least once a week. fusion (n) 混合 融合 That restaurant offers a tasty fusion of Chinese and Mexican cooking styles. 2006/09/12 piece (n) 作品 The musicians practiced one difficult piece for more than two hours. entertain (v) 娛樂 使歡樂 Mr. Falcon is a great teacher. He entertains while he teaches. put down someone or something (v) 批評 奚落某事某人 You shouldn't put down others just because they caren't exactly the same as you. collective (adj) 共同的 Gary didn't want to decide on his own. He wanted his wife and kids to make a collective decision about where to go on vacation. flip a coin (v) 丟銅板決定 If you don't know what to decide, just flip a coin. 2006/09/11 taste (n) 品味 Dan and his wife have very different tastes. She likes new, modern things, and he likes old things. guidance (n) 指導 引導 Before making important decisions, ask your parents for guidance. number (n) 表演曲目 歌曲 Linda's favorite number in The Lion King is "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" existing (adj) 現有的 現存的 The government is building new roads. The existing roads aren't wide enought. 2006/09/09 flock (n) 人群 ramp (n) 斜坡 坡道 My grandmother uses a wheelchair, so we can't take the stairs. I'll push her up the ramp instead. flip (v) 跳躍 The judges were very impressed with the snowboarder's amazing flip. cross (n) 混合體 A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey. exposure (n) 曝光 That actor got a lot of exposure recently. Now everyone wants to see his movies. wake (n) 尾波 The wake from the big ship made our boat rock back and forth. make waves (idiom) 掀起風潮 The new designer's clothing is making waves in the fashion world. 2006/09/08 half a day (phase) 半天 sore (adj) 痛的 痠痛的 sour (adj) (食物)酸的 consequence (n) 後果 結果 The teacher taught her students about the dangerous consequence of smoking. swell (v) 腫脹 After the spider bit Jake's hand, his fingers began to swell immediately. circulate (v) 循環 流通 The fan in my room helps the air to circulate and keep me cool. abbreviation (n) 縮寫 The abbreviation for kilogram is KG, but the abbreviation for pound is LB. dash off something (v) 快速完成某事 I don't have time to write a letter to Tom, so I'll just dash off a quick note instead. 2006/09/07 glimpse (n) 瞥見;一瞥 模糊的感覺 (v)看一眼 huddle (v) 聚集 擠在一塊 The friends huddled together to keep each other warm. adept (adj) 熟練的 My dad thinks his new MP3 player is too confusing, but my 10-year-old sister is already very adept at using it! old-fashioned (adj) 過時的 老式的 My grandmother has a beautiful, old-fashioned sewing( /soing/ 縫紉) machine. It looks like it should be in a museum. proposal (n) 求婚 Matt's proposal to Lisa was very special. He asked her to marry him at a baseball game in front of thousands of people. text message (n) 文字簡訊 Tara sent Tom a text message to tell him she would be late for the concert. greeting card (n) 賀卡 People like to send greeting cards at Christmas. In fact, more than 2.6 billion cards are sent each Christmas! 2006/09/06 by far (adv) 顯然 This book is by far the best. draft (v) 選拔 起草 設計 (n)草稿 草圖 Chinese basketball star Yao Ming was drafted into the NBA in 2002. superb (adj) 一流的 Larry's superb athletic skills helped his team win the game. title (n) (冠軍)頭銜 Our team won the title. We are the league champions! playoff (n) 季後賽 Before we can compete in the championship, we must first win all our playoff games. Most Valuable Player [MVP] (n) 最有價值球員 After scoring 46 points in the game, Sam was named Most Valuable Player. division (n) 區域 (文中指大聯盟分區賽) Our league is made up of six different divisions. 2006/09/05 confront (v) 面臨 對抗 勇敢地面對 guidance (n) 引導 exertion (n) 激烈活動 費力 The physical exertion of my job leaves me feeling exhausted after work. qualify (v) 取得資格 After winning every game he played , Billy qualified for the chess championships. adopt (v) 領養 Bob and Laura can't have children of their own. So they adopted a child. come to terms with something (idiom) 坦然面對 May has come to terms with her difficult past. She doesn't let it bother her anymore. household registry (n) 戶籍謄本 household(n)家庭 一家人 (adj)家庭的 家用的 When you move, you must change your household registry. 2006/09/04 mound (n) 投手丘 小土堆 rookie (n) 新人 In his first year in the league, the rookie played better than anyone expected. inning (n) 局 A baseball game has nine innings and no time limits. aspire (v) 渴望 John loves science. He aspires to become a famous scientist when he grows up. destined (adj) 注定的 Susie is a very positive person. She believes she is destined for great things in life. retire (v) 使出局 In the last inning, the pitcher quickly retired every batter. Not even one player got a hit. 2006/09/02 mess up (v) 搞砸 I really messed up on my test, so I only got 68 percent. pretend (v) 假裝 My niece Ellie likes to pretend she's a princess. routine (n) 一套固定舞步 We repeated our dance routine three times in class today. go over (v) 研究 複習 Let's go over our new vocabulary words to make sure we remember them all. step (n) 舞步 This dance is hard. The steps are really difficult. 2006/09/01 stage fright (n) 怯場 I don't want to be in the play. I get stage fright easily. come up (v) 到 來臨 I have a big math test coming up next week. I'd better study. commit (v) 作出保證 承諾 I don't know if I should join that club. I don't think I can commit that much time to it. better off (idiom) 情況較佳 I'm glad Sam isn't dating Kathy anymore. He's better off without her. 2006/08/31 depression (n) 失望 anxiety (n) 焦慮 altogether (adv) 完全地 by and large (adv) 總的說來 We received a few negative comments. But by and large, our customers' comments were positive. pitfall (n) 陷阱 Credit cards are a financial pitfall for people who can't control their spending. fatigue (n) 疲勞 Doctors who work long hours often suffer from fatigue. acknowledge (v) 承認 In order to become a better person, you must first acknowledge your weaknesses. rite of passage (n) 必經過程 Getting a driver's license has become a rite of passage for American teens. 2006/08/30 infect (v) 感染 傳染 Tim infected other family members with his cold. analyze (v) 分析 Professor Hall analyzed the math problem and taught us how to solve it. measures (n pl) 措施 We need to take extra measures to solve this difficult problem. drive (v) 逼迫 驅使 Tom works very hard. He is driven by a desire to succeed. quarantine (n) 隔離區 檢疫所 When I moved to Britain, my dog spent six months in quarantine. 2006/08/29 detective (n) 偵探 The detective searched for clues to solve the crime. virus (n) 病毒 A virus infected several people in our school. outbreak (n) (疫情的)爆發 A flu outbreak occurred in our town. Many people became sick. epidemic (n) 流行病 瘟疫 A serious flu epidemic killed millions of people all over the world in 1918. epidemiologist (n) 流行病專家 The spidemiologist told the students how to avoid diseases. bird flu (n) 禽流感 Cooking chicken thoroughly is one way to avoid getting bird flu. 2006/08/28 mood (n) 心情 Dad was in a great mood today. He was singing to himself all day. cheer someone up (v) 讓某人開心起來 Whenever Kathy is feeling sad, her husband tells jokes to cheer her up. blessing (n) 福氣 福份 When Melanie thinks about her life, she always remembers to thank God for her blessings. attitude (n) 態度 Jessie has a good attitude about learning English. She tries her best and never gives up! get something off one's chest (idiom) 將..一吐為快 My problems at school worried me for several days. However, I felt better after I talked to my sister and got the problems off my chest. 2006/08/26 tilt (v) 傾斜 All the books on the shelf are tilting. Be careful, they might fall over! crooked (adj) 彎曲的 This road is very crooked and hard to drive. sibling (n) 兄弟姐妹 Sam wishes he had a sibling. He's the only child. look back (idiom) 回想起來 When I look back on my childhood, I can't believe how much I've changed. tractor (n) 牽引機 拖拉機 The farmer pulled the large machine with a tractor. 2006/08/25 dairy (adj) 乳製品的 Milk, yogurt and cheese are all dairy products. pat (v) 輕拍 The teacher patted Daniel on the back and said, "Good job!" harvest (n) 收成 The harvest wasn't good this year. It didn't rain enough. homegrown (adj) 自家種植的 Homegrown fruits are more delicious than ones from the supermarket. milk (v) 擠奶 Most farmers milk cows with machines these days. barn (n) 穀倉 糧倉 Mr. Smith's farm has a big barn. It hlds 100 cows. 2006/08/24 exclaim (v) (由於興奮,痛苦,憤怒等)呼喊;驚叫 (表示抗議等)大聲叫嚷 tremble (v)(n) 顫抖 搖晃 confirm (v) 證實 I can't confirm whether Jack's story is true. I didn't see it happen. scramble (v) 連跌帶爬 匆促地攀爬 Nathan scrambled up a tree to see the parade better. crop (n) 作物 The only crop Mr. Chen grows is rice. chore (n) 雜務 雜活 Mary helps her mom with chores around the house. silo (n) 塔狀穀倉 /s-ai-l-o/ The farmer uses that silo to store corn. hay (n) 乾草 How much hay do horses eat? 2006/08/23 tribal (adj) 部落的 種族的 compaign (n) 活動 Our school ran a campaign to raise money for poor families in our community. charity (n) 慈善團體 That charity helps children who grew up in poor families. trade (n) 交易 This village supports itself with the trade of local products. welfare (n) 福利 安危 The parents are very worried about the welfare of their child who's been missing for two days. domestic violence (n) 家庭暴力 Domestic violence is a problem that affects many families. skin care (n) 護膚 Maria uses a skin-care product to make her skin smoother. 2006/08/22 generosity (n) 慷慨 慷慨的行為 health care (n) 醫療保健 Many people are sick in this country. The government needs to improve its standard of health care. developing country (n) 開發中國家 Countries like Kenya and Rwanda are considered developing countries. donate (v) 捐獻 Many people donated money for a new hospital in our town. cause (n) 志業 理想 The soldiers in this war think they're fighting for a worthy cause. fellow (n) 會員 大學的研究員 As a fellow at Washington University, Professor Smith taught classes there for one year. trachoma (n) 結膜炎 Many people in poor countries lose their sight because of trachoma. 2006/08/21 shelter (n) 庇護所 When Maria didn't have enough money for a place to live, she went to a shelter with temporary housing. strategy (n) 策略 How will we win this game? What is our strategy? calling (n) 天職 Jane realized her calling was to become a doctor when she volunteered in the hospital. community service (n) 社區無償服務 Harry does five hours of community service every week. execution (n) 執行 Our plan was good, but its execution was terrible. 2006/08/19 fax (n) 傳真 Pete will send you a fax of the report this afternoon. transmit (v) 傳輸 傳送 The car's computer transmits your location back to the main office. take off (v) 迅速擴展 起飛 Her acting career really took off after the success of her first movie. predict (v) 預測 No one can predict the weather with 100 percent accuracy. video conference (n) 視訊會議 Our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai will hold a video conference at 3 p.m. mobile operator (n) 行動電話服務業者 This mobile operator's services are quite expensive. Maybe you should switch to another company. 2006/08/18 precaution (n) 預防措施 The city government has taken some precautions against possible flooding. certificate (n) 證明 Can you get a doctor's certificate to show that you really are sick? hack (v) 駭客攻擊 侵入 Someone hacked into the company's computers and stole financial records. password (n) 密碼 Annie can't get info her computer because she forgot her password. statement (n) 銀行等的 對帳單 結單 Nancy didn't receive her monthly bank statement. in the long run (idiom) 長遠來看 In the long run, you'll be happier living closer to your office. 2006/08/17 notification (n) 通知書 Tom received notification that he was accepted into the university. initial (adj) 最初的 一開始的 At the news of our son's wedding plans, our initial surprise was soon replaced by joy. inventive (adj) 有創意的 Patsy uses some new and inventive methods to teach her students. ID [identification] (n) 身份 All of the workers were given new ID badges. phishing (n) 網路釣魚 ID thieves use phishing sites to try and steal personal information. 2006/08/16 outer (adj) 外在的 外表的 Too many people spend money improving their outer selves. But what about their inner selves? glow (v) (感情等)洋溢 發光 Mrs. Jones glowed with pride as she watched her son collect the award. identify (n) 自我 身分 You won't find your true identity by looking in a mirror. It's on the inside, not on the outside. reality (n) 現實 Jack has an unhappy life. So he spends hours watching movies, trying to escape reality. 2006/08/15 attractive (adj) 吸引人的 有吸引力的 Many people find blond hair and blue eyes attractive. enhance (v) 提高 增進 The cook used some salt and pepper to enhance the flavor of the soup. makeover (n) (外表的)重新造型 徹底改造 After her makeover, Carrie looked like a movie star. glamour (n) 魅力 (v) 使著魔 迷住 美化 Eric isn't looking for a woman with beauty and glamour. He just wants to marry a good cook. recipe (n) 食譜 I forgot how to make this dish. I need to find the recipe. 2006/08/14 inner (adj) 內在的 內心的 Boris is always smiling, but his inner feelings are often sad. appearance (n) 外表 外觀 If you want to improve your appearance, try getting a haircut. mind one's own business (idiom) 不要多管閒事 You should stop discussing other people's problems. Just mind your own business. insecure (adj) 沒有安全感的 Although Veronica is very beautiful, she doesn't believe it. She's very insecure. show business (n) 演藝界 Albert wants to work in show business. He wants to be a movie actor. 2006/08/11 - 2006/08/12 bridge the gap (idiom) 搭起橋樑 縮短距離或差距 The government is working on ways to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. extensive (adj) 廣泛的 大規模的 After Hurricane Katrina, people made an extensive effort to clean up New Oreleans. dub (v) 被稱為.. Detroit, Michigan, is dubbed "Motor City" because it is the center of car manufacturing in America. blur (v) 使模糊不輕 Be careful what you're teaching. Don't blur the line between what is right and what is wrong. thriving (adj) 蒸蒸日上的 This restaurant's business is thriving. The owner plans to open a second branch. accomplished (adj) 造詣深厚的 cellist /tElist/ 大提琴家 cello(n)大提琴 Yo-yo Ma is an accomplished cellist and one of the top-selling musicians in the world. sign on (v) 簽約受聘 Before Phillip signed on with the company, he traveled around Europe for a few months. mainstream (n) 主流 The film director used to make movies for only kids. Now he's decided to enter the mainstream and make movies for people of all ages. talent search (n) 選秀活動 When beverly was young, she competed in many talent searches to become a famous dancer. music charts (n pl) 音樂排行榜 This song is very popular; it's been No.1 on the music charts for a whole month! 2006/08/09 - 2006/08/10 rhythm (n) 節奏 韻律 Can you hear the rhythm of the drums in this song? dramatically (adv) 生動地 充滿戲劇性地 Sheila held everyone's attention as she talked dramatically about her travels overseas. roots (n pl) 根源 起源 Bill was born in America, but he has family roots in Ireland and England. persecute (v) 迫害 During World War II, the Nazis persecuted the Jews in Germany. entrance (v) 令(人)著迷 使陶醉 The actress entranced everyone with her beauty. solo (adj) 獨奏的 Dan's solo performance was much better than his performance with the band. studio (n) 教室 工作室 Susie teaches ballet at a dance studio downtown. reserved (adj) 保守的 conservative (adj)(n) My mother is a very quiet, reserved person. Gypsy (n) 吉普塞人 Gypsies from India settled in many countries throughtout Europe. lilting (adj) 輕快的 抑揚頓挫的 The lilting sounds of the guitar put me in a cheerful mood. 2006/08/07 - 2006/08/08 allure (n) 魅力 What is the allure of Paris? Why does it attract so many visitors? rank (v) 名列 Taipei 101 ranks as the world's tallest building. portion (n) 份量 American restaurants serve large portions than restaurants in most other countries. crust (n) 派皮 The crust on the apple pie was crispy and delicious. omelet (n) 蛋餅 蛋捲 How many eggs do I need to make s Spanish omelet? course (n) 一道菜 We enjoyed a huge eight-course meal at the wedding banquet. ingredient (n) 材料 What are the main ingredients in this dish? subtle (adj) 隱約的 細微的 Bob has sharp ears. He can hear the subtle differences in the sound between these two pianos. tartar sause (n) 塔塔醬 soy sauce(n)醬油 Would you like some tartar sauce on your fish? sherry (n) 雪莉酒 Sherry is a type of wine produced in Spain. saffron (n) 番紅花 This receipe calls for saffron and several other spices. 2006/08/02 - 2006/08/05 favor (n) 幫忙 善意的行為 Can you do me a favor? I need someone to take me to the airport. left over (adj) 剩下的 We ate all the food. There wasn't any left over. in return (idiom) 回報 If I help you with your homework, will you do something for me in return? overcome (v) 克服 戰勝 Joshua is afraid of the dark. His parents are trying to help him overcome his fear. one-sided (adj) 偏於某一方的 一面倒的 This game is really one-sided. Their basketball team is so much better than ours. leisurely (adj) 愜意的 悠閒的 Tim and his wife had plenty of tim, so they enjoyed a leisurely dinner. glimpse (n) 一瞥 We caught a glimpse of the deer as it ran past us. ridge (n) 山脊 The house sat on the ridge high above the river. cliff (n) 懸崖 峭壁 The boys couldn't climb down the steep cliffs of the mountain. take someone's breath away (idiom) (美得)讓某人屏息 讓某人心醉神馳 The view was so beautiful it took my breath away. gorge (n) 峽谷 We looked down into the gorge and saw a river far below us. zigzag (adj) 之字形的 鋸齒狀的 Driving down the zigzag road wasn't easy. There were too many sharp turns. carving (n) 雕刻 The old carvings of people and animals inside the cave were beautiful. arch (n) 拱門 The tourists walked under the rounded arches of the old church. striped (adj) 條紋狀的 pinstripe (n) 細條紋 Gary's red and white striped shirt makes him look like a candy cane. fortress (n) 堡壘 要塞 The fortress protected the city from its enemies. spout (v) 噴出 The whale spouted water high into the air. memorabilia (n) 紀念物品 This museum has uniforms, bats and other memorabilia of famous baseball players. cure (v) 醃製 My grandma cures meat in her basement for several months before bringing it out to eat. Moorish (adj) 摩爾的 摩爾人的 Moorish people controlled southern Spain until 1492. mosque (n) 清真寺 Muslims worship in a mosque. 2006/08/01 frustrated (adj) 挫敗的 洩氣的 Mark is frustrated. His boss never listens to anything he says. charming (adj) 迷人的 有魅力的 Lucy is very charming. Everyone likes her. resent (v) 生氣 憤慨 Sarah resents the fact that her parents treat her like a child. confront (v) 與..正面衝突 質問 面臨 正視 Edward was late to work every day last week. Finally, his boss confronted him about it. take advantage of someone (idiom) 利用..., 佔..的便宜 I never ask other people for favors. I don't want to take advantage of anyone. 2006/07/31 scoop up something (v) 抱起(某物) The mother scooped up her child and carried him to the bedroom. athlete (n) 運動員 The best athletes in the world compete in the Olympics. sidekick (n) 夥伴 密友 Tony is Barry's sidekick. They do everything together. furry (adj) 毛茸茸的 There's nothing nicer than petting a soft, furry kitten(小貓). track and field (n) 田徑 James likes to watch track and field competitions. He likes the races the best. 2006/07/29 vet (veterinarian) (n) 獸醫 When Trina's dog was sick, she took him to the vet. circus (n) 馬戲團 john loves to go to the circus and watch the people and animals perform. fold (v) 摺疊 You can fold up this chair and carry it with you. It's very convenient. fastern (v) 繫緊 Before you start the car, remember to fasten your seatbelt. hoop (n) 圈 鐵環 The children played with the hoops and jumped through them. crate (n) 板條箱 Put all those books in a crate. Then we can carry them easily. 2006/07/28 housebroken (adj) (貓、狗等)經訓練在家中能保持衛生習慣的 street dog (n) = homeless dog 流浪狗 home cat (n) 家貓 = domestic cat (但是家狗不是 home dog) domesticated dog (n) 家狗 dingo (n) 澳洲犬 for the time being (idiom) 暫時 one-of-a-kind (adj) 獨一無二的 tan (adj)(n)(v) 棕褐色 intruder (n) 入侵者 小偷 When no one was home, an intruder came in and stole our money. tremble (v) 顫抖 The little boy was so scared that he started to tremble. take a liking to someone (v) 喜歡上某人 I've really taken a liking to Karen. I think she'll be a good friend. speckled (adj) 有斑點的 speckle (n) 斑點 (v) The speckled eggs had brown spots all over them. flea (n) 跳蚤 /fli/ People and animals don't like fleas. They bite. have someone's name on it (idiom) 注定是某人的 I'm going to buy that new car! It has my name on it. 2006/07/27 stall (n) 棚 小隔間 (v)延遲, 把..關入畜舍 roadside (n)(adj) 路邊 路邊的 collar (n) 衣領 (狗的)項圈 leash (n) (栓狗等的)皮帶 Keep your dog on a leash so that he can't run away. spring up (v) 興起 出現 Starbucks coffee shops are springing up all over Asia. indulge (v) 讓..享受一下 縱容 沉迷 Doesn't that dessert look delicious? Let's indulge ourselves and buy two! figure (n) 數據 Show me the sales figures for last month. How much money did we make? canine (adj) 犬類的 Josie's poodle(獅子狗) is her canine companion. 2006/07/26 back and forth (adv) 來回地 forth (ad)向前 向前方 The wind moved the trees gently back and forth. pamper (v) 嬌養 寵愛 This luxury hotel really pampers people. Their service is excellent! wag (v) 搖擺 The friendly dog wagged his tail at me. salon (n) 沙龍 Judy is going to the beauty salon to get her hair colored red. patron (n) 顧客 I am a regular patron at that restaurant. Their food is very good! purr (n) (貓的)呼嚕聲 When I heard my cat's soft purr, I knew he was happy. spa (n) 三溫暖 Many people like to relax in a spa. 2006/07/25 Persian Gulf (n) 波斯灣 identical (adj) 完全相同的 同卵的 Bob and Rob are identical twins. They look exactly alike. submerge (v) 在水下..之處 沉在水面下 After the heavy rain, many houses were submerged under muddy water for days. ballroom (n) 舞廳 We will hold our New Year's dance in the ballroom of the Ritz Hotel. the bends (n) 潛水夫病 減壓過急症 Divers can get the bends if they rise to the ocean's surface too quickly. Jacuzzi (n) 按摩浴缸 ache(n)疼痛 pain(n)疼痛 After I sat in the warm Jacuzzi, my aches and pains went away. 2006/07/24 sunken (adj) 沉沒的 staircase (n) 樓梯間 樓梯 panoramic (adj) 全景的 panorama (n) 全景畫 全貌 submarine (n) 潛水艇 Scientists travel in a submarine to explore the bottom of the ocean. make a big splash (idiom) 掀起熱潮 引起轟動 splash(n)(v)激起水花 濺 潑.. This new band is making a big splash. Its first album has already sold 1 million copies. upscale (adj) 高檔的 高級的 I can't afford to shop at this upscale department store. Everything here is too expensive. resort (n) 度假村 We stayed five days at a beach resort during our trip to Thailand. transparent (adj) 透明的 They put transparent plastic instead of glass in the windows. coral reef (n) 珊瑚礁 The coral reef is home to all kinds of colorful fish and other sea life. tasting menu (n) (提供小份量 多道菜式的) 嚐鮮菜單 If you order the restaurant's tasting menu, you can sample 10 savory dishes. 2006/07/22 put one's heart into something (idiom) 全心全意做某事 June spent a long time writing her first book. She really put her heart into it. ignite (v) 點燃 激起 When Henry saw his old girlfriend today, his old feelings for her were ignited in his heart. integrity (n) 正直 Mitchell is a person with integrity. He is honest in everything he does. punctual (adj) 準時的 Haley is very punctual. She always arrives to work on time. big the picture (n) 願景 事物的全貌 What is the big picture here? What is most important about this product? practice what one preaches (v) 以身作則 preach (v)(n) 佈道 鼓吹 宣揚 Tessa says honesty is very important. She practices what she preaches by being honest herself. 2006/07/21 limitation (n) 極限 限制 The college puts a limitation on the number of students it accepts every year. pursuit (n) 追求 消遣 Playing the piano is just one of Charlie's many pursuits. priority (n) 優先考量 Sam's top priority this year is passing the university entrance exam. go the extra mile (idiom) 竭盡所能地 Dr. Jackson goes the extra mile to help his patients. He really cares for them. bring something to the table (idiom) 將(有益處的)某事提供出來 What skills can you offer this company? What can you bring to the table? 2006/07/20 character (n) 品格 性格 John has very good character. He is always honest and polite. trait (n) 特質 One of Susan's well-known traits is her sense of humor. moral (adj) 道德(上)的 行為端正的 I want to lead a moral life. I want to be honest and always do the right thing. courageous (adj) 勇敢的 The courageous fireman saved the cat from the burning house. CEO [chief executive officer] (n) 執行長 Bill Gates was the first CEO of Microsoft. 2006/07/19 out of breath (idiom) 喘不過氣來 After running to catch the bus, the old woman was out of breath. intentionally (adv) 有意地 故意地 I'm sorry I dropped your cell phone. I didn't do it intentionally. frankly (adv) 坦白地說 Frankly, I don't think she should get the job. ridiculous (adj) 可笑的 滑稽的 Gary sounds ridiculous when he tries to sing like Madonna. take it from the top (idiom) 從頭開始 We need to practice this song once more. Let's take it from the top. 2006/07/18 clear (v) 獲得某人的認同或批准 I can take the day off tomorrow. I cleared it with the boss. trial (adj) 試用的 Susan tried the free trial product before she decided whether or not she wanted to buy it. appealing (adj) 吸引人的 If you want to be more appealing to girls, try combing your hair and wearing clean clothes. when you get right down to it (idiom) 基本上 When you get right down to it, people learn as much English as they want to learn. 2006/07/17 sell out (idiom) 背棄自我 違背原來的理想或目標 Jeff planned to use his life to help people. But instead, he sold out and decided to get rich. pooped (adj) 累壞了 poop(v)使筋疲力盡 poop(n)(v)排便 I'm pooped. I'm going to take a rest. academy (n) 學院 Laura teaches piano at a music academy. master (v) 嫻熟 精通 Reading in English will help you to master the language. get it all wrong (exp) 搞錯了 You've got it all wrong. I love you, not Alicia. funky (adj) 新奇古怪的 Albert likes to dance when he listens to funky music. 2006/07/15 praise (n)(v) 讚美 poverty (n) /p-a-v?-ti/ 貧窮 steadily (adv) 持續地 influential (adj) 有影響力的 Sam's father is an influential government representative. rise through the ranks (v) 逐步晉升 Joan rose through the ranks, starting as a clerk and ending up as company vice president. hot spot (n) (戰爭)敏感地區 There are still hot spots in the Middle East that are unsafe for tourists. credit (v) 把..的功勞歸於某人 Orville Wright is credited with inventing the first airplane. tribal chief (n) 部落酋長 tribal (adj) 種族的 部落的 /t-ai-bl/ The tribal chief acts as a ruler and protector of his village. AIDS (n) 愛滋病 AIDS has spread rapidly through many nations in Africa. 2006/07/14 wrongdoing (n) 惡行 壞事 thorough (adj) 完全的 徹底的 overshadow (v) 讓..蒙上陰影 掩蓋 Patty's nervousness was overshadowed by her excitement at getting a part in the play. bribe (n)(v) 賄賂 bride(n)新娘 The politician was found guilty of taking bribes. reassess (v) 再次評估 assess(v)為..估價 估價 估定..的價值 Ben reassessed his teaching methods, and decided to make some changes. dignity (n) 尊嚴 高尚 Mr. Chen was a man of dignity and great wisdom. secretary-general (n) 秘書長 Kofi Anna was elected secretary-general twice. Nobel Prize (n) 諾貝爾獎 Nobel Prizes are awarded in categories such as medicine and peace. 2006/07/13 promote (v) 推動 宣傳 We spent two months promoting our summer festival. scandal (n) 醜聞 The romantic relationship between the manager and his assistant caused a scandal in the office. democracy (n) 民主制度 民主國家 As a new democracy, the country will hold its first election for national leaders. refugee (n) 難民 (重音在後) After the earthquake in India, thousands of refugees needed new homes. member state (n) 會員國 In 2002, East Timor became the 191st member state to join the United Nations. land mine (n) 地雷 Land mines are still a dangerous problem in Vietnam. 2006/07/12 complex (n) 設施 venture (v) 冒險 dim sum (n) 點心 discount (n) 折扣 The store gave Julie a 10 percent discount on everything she bought. coupon (n) 折價卷 You can save a lot of money at this store by using these coupons. vie (v) 競爭 爭取 The three children vied for their mother's attention all afternoon. draw (v) 吸引 Today's sunny weather drew many people to the beach to play. rink (n) 溜冰場 Many people come to ice-skate on this ice rink. go hungry (idiom) 餓肚子 挨餓 Grandma never lets anyone go hungry in her home. She is always cooking. 2006/07/11 secluded (adj) 與世隔絕的 seclude (v) 使隔離 使隱居 coastline (n) 海岸線 Tim swam along the coastline until he got to the next beach. luch (adj) 蒼翠的 茂盛的 This lush forest has many trees and plants. counterpart (n) 對應的人(或物) 同級夥伴 The European regional director met with his Asian counterpart to discuss the future of the company. roller coaster (n) 雲霄飛車 Andrea screamed loudly when she rode the roller coaster. ferry (n) 渡輪 A ferry regularly takes people from one island to the other. 2006/07/10 genre (n) (法) 文藝作品 emphatic (adj) 強而有力的 The prisoner made an emphatic request to be released from prison. exhibition (n) 展覽 The museum is having an exhibition of local history this month. performing arts (n pl) 表演藝術 John loves dancing and acting, so he decided to study the performing arts in college. ballet (n) 芭雷舞 芭雷舞劇 The Nutcracker is a popular ballet about a Christmas toy. metropolis (n) 大都會 New York is a huge metropolis. It has more than 8 million residents. symphony orchestra (n) 交響樂團 symphony (n) 交響樂 The London Symphony Orchestra is one of the most famous orchestra in England. 2006/07/07 - 2006/07/08 relish (v) 品嘗 享受 John relishes every moment of his life. I wish I could enjoy life like he does. gratify (v) 使滿足 It really gratifies Mr. Smith to see his students improving their English skills. impart (v) 給予 傳授 The teacher's words imparted much wisdom to her students. exotic (adj) 異國的 異國情掉的 erotic (adj) 性愛的 色情的 I want to travel to Bangkok or some other exotic palce this summer. unassuming (adj) 內斂的 謙虛的 Sarah is bright but unassuming. She never tries to show off how smart she it. puree (v) 打 或切成泥狀 Our baby can't eat solid food yet. Please puree the vegetables for him. morsel (n) 一小塊 一口 When we finished dinner, there wasn't a single morsel left on our plates. cast aside (v) 置於一旁 置之腦後 Bill cast aside his fears and began his climb up the mountain. chutney (n) 甜酸醬 This chutney has a mild(adj-溫和的) flavor that goes well with roast lamb. cottage cheese (n) 鄉村乳酪 軟乾酪 Of all the varieties of cheese, cottage cheese is my favorite. rajah (n) 印度王侯 印度首領 The rajah ruled his kingdom for 30 years. 2006/07/05 - 2006/07/06 temperament (n) 性情 性格 Sharon has a nervous temperament, so she often loses sleep before tests. crisis (n) 危機 We have a big crisis in my family. Dad just lost his job. picky (adj) 挑剔的 My sister is very picky about her food. She doesn't eat food that is uncooked. think on one's feet (idiom) 反應靈敏 Jan's boss asked her a question she didn't expect, so she had to think on her feet. criteria (n pl) 標準 Whwat are two important criteria in deciding which college to attend? approximately (adv) 大概 大約 Do you know approximately how many people will come to the party? on a daily basis (adv) 每天 Sally reports to her boss about her work on a daily basis. broaden one's horizons (idiom) 拓展某人的視野 Going to Europe broadened my horizons. I'd never been abroad before. hurricane (n) 颶風 Two major hurricanes hit Louisiana and Texas last year. cut out for something (idiom) 適合 Gary isn't cut out for the manager position yet. He doesn't have the skills. 2006/07/03 - 2006/07/04 opening (n) 空缺 I'm sorry, we can't hire any new employees right now. We don't have any openings. drive (n) 幹勁 I think Paul will succeed in life. He has a lot of drive. excel (v) 表現出色 Amy really excels at playing the piano. She is very talented. have one's heart set on something (idiom) 一心一意要做某件事或得到某樣東西 I hope we can travel abroad his summer. My daughter has her heart set on it. applicant (n) 申請人 We had 30 applicants but only two job openings. So we had to turn down 28 people. input (n) 意見 Joseph always thinks he knows what is best. He doesn't like to get input from other people. fit (n) 適合的位置 Hannah enjoys her job and does well at it. It's a great fit for her. overwhelm (v) 負荷過重 I have so much homework to do! I'm really overwhelmed. HR [human resources] (n) 人事部 If you want to work here, you need to contact the HR department. go for it (idiom) 去做吧 Go for it, Tammy! I'm sure you'll do well. 2006/07/01 connect (v) 連接 Colin can't check his e-mail because his computer is not connected to the Internet. install (v) 安裝 設置 Christine needs help installing the new software on her computer. overcome (v) 克服 My teacher's good advice helped me to overcome my bad study habits. Wi-Fi [wireless fidelity] (n) 無線上網通訊協定 Let's go study at the new cafe on the corner. It has Wi-Fi access. mobile device (n) 行動裝置 Cell phones and PDAs are types of mobile devices. 2006/06/30 sacred (adj) 神聖的 宗教的 wow (v) 贏得喝采 swinging (adj) 擺動的 blockbuster (n) 賣座電影 Audiences waited in long lines to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. craze (n) 熱潮 The martial arts movie started a new craze. Now everyone wants to learn kung fu. criticize (v) 批評 City residents criticized the mayor for his poor decisions. distort (v) 扭曲 Please don't distort the truth. Tell me the whole story, exactly as it happened. cast (n) 卡司 演員陣容 The movie has a cast of more than 100 actors. troupe (n) 劇團 The acting troupe traveled across Europe, performing Shakespeare's plays. 2006/06/29 televise (v) 電視播送 empty (v) 成為空的 exploit (n) 壯舉 (v) 利用 剝削 The classic story Journey to the West describes the brave exploits of the Monkey King. preserve (v) 保存 We must preserve our cultural traditions so that later generations don't forget them. origin (n) 起源 What is the origin of this idiom? Where did it come from? immigrate (v) 遷移 移民 Sarah and her family left America and immigrated to Germany. ray (n) 光束 光線 The cat lay down in the warm rays of sunlight coming through the window. 2006/06/28 endangered (adj) 瀕臨絕種的 Asian elephants are now on the list of endangered animals. habitat (n) (動物的)棲息地 When too many trees are cut down, some animals lose their natural habitat. isolate (v) 使孤立 使隔離 Heavy flooding isolated the mountain village for days. corridor (n) 走廊 通道 Walk to the end of the corridor. The principal's office is on the right. breeding (n) 繁殖 My family's business is horse breeding. 2006/06/27 crucial (adj) 重要的 決定性的 resemble (v) 類似, 像 Frank resembles his dad and his uncle. in exchange (adj) 作為交換 Billy gave me his cookies. In exchange, I gave him my banana. submit (v) 提交 I submitted my application for college before the deadline. nutritional (adj) 營養的 Apples are full of nutritional value. You should eat one a day. climate-controlled (adj) 溫度受到控制的 The climate-controlled building keeps the plants warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 2006/06/26 authentic (adj) 真實的 真正的 insect (n) 昆蟲 The China Exhibit of the Memphis Zoo Memphis動物園的中國館 authenticity (n) 誠實 確實 可信賴性 ornate (adj) (裝飾)華麗的 The palace was filled with ornate decorations made from gold. transport (v) 運送 The big bus transports all these tourists from their hotel to the beach every day. on load (adj) 出借的 These paintings are on load to the museum for 6 months. complex (n) 綜合設施 The city will build a new sports complex before next year. oriental (adj) 東方的 oriented (adj)以..為導向的, 以..為方向的 Oriental food like fried rice and sushi are popular in America. go all out (idiom) 全力以赴 My mom went all out to clean the house before my grandparents arrived. 2006/06/24 suburb (n) 郊區 urban (adj) 城市的 prejudice (n) 歧視 偏見 discrimination My neighbor has some prejudices against foreigners make fun of someone or something (v) 嘲笑 嘲弄 Don't make fun of your brother because he can't sing! grateful (adj) 感激的 感謝的 I will always be grateful for my friends and family. lifelong (adj) 終身的 一輩子的 Tom conquered his lifelong fear of water. He recently learned how to swim. 2006/06/23 pocket (n) (孤立的)一小塊地區 There are many pockets of foreigners living in Taipei. population (n) 人口 The population of this town had doubled in the past 10 years. greasy (adj) 油膩的 Don't eat a lot of fried food. It's very greasy and unhealthy. race (n) 種族 People of different races live in this city. pastor (n) 本堂牧師 The pastor of our church taught us how to forgive our enemies. 2006/06/22 crayon (n) 炭筆 顏色粉筆 self-portrait (n) 自畫像 This artist's self-portrait is very good. It really looks like him. stare (v) 凝視 盯 Don't stare at me! You're makeing me uncomfortable! disturb (v) 使..不安 使..心神不寧 Some of the scenes in this horrow movie really disturbed me. put one over on someone (idiom) 愚弄 唬 It is easy to put one over on my sister. She'll believe anything. no way (interj) 不可能 No way! I don't believe you! 2006/06/21 lip-synch (v) 對嘴(演唱) I don't like singers who lip-synch instead of really singing. practically (adv) 幾乎 In Bob's high school, practically every student has a car. level with someone (idiom) 對..坦白一切 對..吐實 Level with me. What do you really think of my new hairstyle? risky (adj) 冒險的 If you don't want to do anything risky with your money, just put it in the bank. 2006/06/20 vinegar (n) 醋 sooth (v) 舒緩 I burned my finger. Do you have anything to sooth the pain? gross (adj) 令人作嘔的 總的 (n)總量 總額 Ella thinks that eating uncooked fish is gross. get by (v) 撐過去 Anderson doesn't have much money. He gets by with only a few dollars to spend each week. postpone (v) 延期 Janice got sick, so she had to postpone her trip to America. gag (v) 作嘔 The horrible smell of that garbage nearly made me gag. 2006/06/19 hoarse (adj) 沙啞的 嗓子粗亞的 Dennis's voice was hoarse after he shouted so much. raspy (adj) 粗糙的 My voice is raspy because I have a cold. remedy (n) 療法 藥方 My grandmother's remedy for a headache is a cup of hot milk. opera (n) 歌劇 In an opera, all the words are sung, not spoken. laryngitis (n) 喉嚨發炎 sore throat The boss can't talk today. He has laryngitis. 2006/06/17 pale (adj) 蒼白的 淡的 surpass (v) 勝過 優於 大於 多於 majestic (adj) 雄偉的 威嚴的 高尚的 Milky Way (n) 銀河 splendor (n) 璀璨輝煌 壯麗 The tourists admired the splendor of the castle and its history. visible (adj) 肉眼可見的 Is the Taipei 101 visible from places outside of Taipei? hazy (adj) 朦朧的 有薄霧的 The air is hazy, so you can't see many buildings very clearly. infinite (adj) 無邊無際的 無窮的 Time in heaven is infinite. It never ends. light-year (n) 光年 A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. galaxy (n) 星系 The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. 2006/06/16 crispy (adj) 酥脆的 savor (v) 品嘗 (n) 滋味 味道 sour (adj) 酸的 cabbage (n) 甘藍菜 scrumptious (adj) 美味的 All the dinner guests really enjoyed the scrumptious meal. marinate (v) 醃浸 Marinate the meat in spices for at least an hour before you cook it. pickle (v) 醃漬 If we pickle these vegatables, they will last all winter long. craving (n) 渴望 Susie had a craving for chocolate, so she bought a large chocolate candy bar. pork knuckle (n) 豬腳 Pork knuckle is used in both German and Chinese cuisines. cheddar (n) 切達起司 Cheddar is my favorite kind of cheese. 2006/06/15 delectable (adj) 甘美的 好吃的 savory (adj) 美味的 salami (n) 義式香腸 confession (n) 坦承 供詞 In his confession, the man admintted to stealing the money. vegatarian (n) 素食者 Let's not have hamburgers for dinner tonight. Our guests are vegatarians. cold cut (n) 冷肉切片 What kind of cold cuts do you want on your sandwich? mosaic (n) 多種混合 馬賽克圖案 The autumn leaves made a mosaic of color on the ground. graphic (adj) 寫實的 The graphic violence on some TV shows is not appropriate for children. gelatin (n) 膠凍 吉利丁 Susan added gelatin to her cheesecake to help it stay firm. 2006/06/14 arcade (n) 拱廊 騎樓 arcade game 大型電動玩具 specialty (n) 專業 專長 名產 fabulous (adj) 極棒的 Our family had a fabulous vacation in Hawaii. orchestra (n) 管絃樂團 symphony (n) 交響樂團 Helen plays the flute(長笛) in her university's orchestra. sausage (n) 香腸 When Philip visited Germany, he ate sausages at every meal! delicacy (n) 美味 佳餚 This bakery makes some wonderful delicacies. Be sure to try them. philharmonic (n) 愛樂團體 Unfortunately for classical music lovers, our town does not have a philharmonic orchestra. Continent (n) 歐洲大陸 Europe is often called "the Continent." 2006/06/13 sculpture (n) 雕刻品 雕像 weary (adj) 疲倦的 boulevard (n) 大道 median (n) (adj) 中間的 高速公路中間安全島 jam (v) 擠滿 堵塞 People jammed the entrance of the theater as they tried to get in. reunited (v) 統一 使重聚 The policeman helped to reunited the lost little girl with her mother. outcry (n) 強烈的抗議 The government's decision to raise taxes caused a public outcry. myriad (n) 無數 各式各樣 I can't decide which coat to buy. There is a myriad of choices. chariot (n) 馬車 雙輪戰車 Six horses pull that chariot. Nazi (adj) 納粹 The Nazi army killed many people during World War II. 2006/06/12 luxury (n) 奢華 奢侈品 luxurious (adj) 奢侈的 豪華的 精選的 staircase (n) 樓梯間 pulse (v) 跳動 震動 (n)脈搏 The disco pulsed with the sound of music and people dancing. accelerate (v) 加速 加快 The car accelerated and passed the big truck on the road. wind (v) /w-ai-nd/ 蜿蜒 迂迴 This path winds around the pond in the park. skylight (n) (屋頂的)天井 天窗 I like to look up at the stars at night through the skylight. Berlin Wall (n) 柏林圍牆 The Berlin Wall used to separate East and West Berlin. lower house of parliament (n) 下議會 parliament (n) 議會 國會 The lower house of parliament voted on several laws. 2006/06/10 revive (v) 使復甦 喚醒 Watching Schindler's List revived my interest in history. legendary (adj) 傳奇的 Michael Jordan's success in basketball is legandary. technique (n) 技術 技法 This artist uses several different techniques to paint her pictures. convince (v) 使確信 說服 After talking for two hours, Jim finally convinced his father to buy him a car. archival footage (n) 存檔連續鏡頭 This archival footage of 1930s America is really interesting. trick-or-treater (n) 萬聖節玩[不請客就搗蛋]遊戲的小孩 On Halloween, many trick-or-treaters come to our door to get candy. 2006/06/09 pirate (n) 海盜 Pirates attacked the big ship and stole a lot of money. sequel (n) 續集 Read this book's sequel to find out what happens to the characters. waylay (v) 攔截 Aaron's boss waylaid him and then talked to him for 20 minutes. operate (v) 經營 Sandra operates a small teashop across from the library. stock car (n) 改裝賽車 Andrew goes to all the stock car races in his city. 2006/06/07 - 06/08 (常用) come within (v) 差一點 In 2004, he came within one title of winning the Grand Slam. 2004, 他差一個冠軍頭銜就贏得了大滿貫 tournament (n) 錦標賽 聯賽 Our high school team is competing in this year's basketball tournament. keep an eye on someone or something (idom) 仔細留意某人或某事 Fiona kept an eye on Ben's things in the library while he was gone. dominate (v) 稱霸 擁有壓倒性優勢 Our team dominated the football game. Nobody was surprised we won. title (n) 冠軍頭銜 Muhammad Ali won many boxing titles. sit out (v) 坐在一旁不參與 Ted sat out of the basketball game because his knee hurt. injury (n) 傷勢 受傷 Lisa cannot exercise for a month because of her foot injury. come out on top (idiom) 脫穎而出 Which team will come out on top at this Saturday's baseball game? setback (n) 挫折 When Mewlanie broke her leg, it was a big setback to her tennis career. Grand Slam (n) 大滿貫 The last tennis player to win the Grand Slam was Martina Hingis. serve (n) 發球 Diana was unable to return her opponent's fast serve. backhand (n) 反手拍 反手擊球 Gary used a backhand to hit the ball over the net. quarterfinal (n) 半準決賽 Ronny had hoped to win the championship. But he lost in the quarterfinals. 2006/06/06 semifinal (n) 準決賽 quarterfinal (n) 半決賽前的比賽 semiformal (adj) 半正式的 (參加宴會時...) flock (v) 成群的去(或來) That singer is so popular. Wherever she goes, fans flock to see her. groundbreaking (adj) 開創性的 This new phone uses groundbreaking technology. So far, no other phone can do what this phone can do. showcase (v) 展現 陳列 This art gallery showcases paintings from local artists. infect (v) 感染 The boss' excitement for this project infected his whole team. They're all working hard on it. 2006/06/05 reckon (v) 計算 數 測量 coveted (adj) 渴望得到的 夢寐以求的 covet (v)垂涎 貪圖 渴望 handful (adj) 一把 少量 少數 (口語)難以控制的人或事物 fever (n) 狂熱 Everyone in my office has World Cup fever. We're very excited to watch the games. victorious (adj) 勝利的 The victorious football team celebrated their win all night long. contender (n) 參賽者 角逐者 contend (v)爭奪/競爭 Mr. Wood is smart and popular. He is a strong contender in the eletion for mayor. sport (v) 展示 Did you see Ben? He is sporting a new coat and hat today. berth (n) 席位 If you win this school speech contest, you may get a berth in the citywide speech contest. front (n) (有某種活動在進行的)地區 Our Japanese office isn't making much money. On the Korean front, however, our Seoul office is quite successful. 2006/06/03 pastime (n) 消遣 娛樂 Ian loves running and cooking. These are his two favorite pastimes. make up something (v) 組成 Seven days make up one week, and 52 weeks make up one year. accompany (v) 伴奏 When Stephen plays the violin, Elizabeth usually accompanies him on the piano. duo (n) 二重唱 二人組 Batman and Robin are a famous duo. keyboard (n) 鍵盤樂器 電子琴 An electric piano is a type of keyboard. bass guitar (n) 低音吉他 Most rock bands have a bass guitar player. 2006/06/02 dying to do something (idiom) 非常渴望作某事 I'm dying to travel to another country. I think that would be really exciting! conscience (n) 良心 conscious (adj) 有知覺的 Hal has a weak conscience. He often does wrong things and deesn't feel sorry for them. tempting (adj) 吸引人的 誘人的 That chocolate cake is so tempting! I really want to eat some! technically (adj) 嚴格來說 Technically, you're not allowed to stay out past 10. But it's OK with me if you stay out later tonight. 2006/06/01 network (n) 網路 All the computers in our office are on the same network. forbid (v) 禁止 Forbidden City 紫禁城 I can't have long hair. My school forbids it. twist (v) 扭曲 曲解 Don't twist what I'm saying. I didn't say I don't want to go. I just can't go. white lie (n) 善意的謊言 I just told a white lie. I told Jennifer I liked her dress, but in fact, I think it is ugly. Internet Cafe (n) 網路咖啡屋 Rochelle doesn't have a computer at home. She goes to an Internet cafe to check her email. goody-goody (n) 偽善者 Martha is such a goody-goody! She acts like she never does anthing wrong. 2006/05/31 crawl (v) 爬行 wrinkle (n) 皺紋 My grandmother has a lot of wrinkles around her eyes. participant (n) 參予者 參賽者 how many participants do you expect in today's English speech contest? take someone or something seriously (v) 認真看待某人或某事 John takes his studies very seriously. He always finishes his homework before visiting with friends. record (n) 紀錄 Sarah set a new world record. She ran the mile faster than any other woman. steam iron (n) 蒸氣熨斗 Fred used a steam iron to press and smooth out his shirt. altitude (n) 海拔 Our plane flew at an altitude of 30,000 feet. 2006/05/30 encyclopedia (n) 百科全書 Henry used information from an encyclopedia to write his paper. reference (n) 參考 參考文獻 If you want to find information on people and places, you should go to the reference section at the library. beforehand (adv) 預先地 事先地 I knew Karen wasn't coming today because she told me beforehand. satellite (n) 衛星 This radio station uses a satellite to broadcast its programs to many different countries. 2006/05/29 thesaurus (n) 同義字字典 = synonym What words have similiar meanings to the word "wonderful"? Look them up in a thesaurus. search engine (n) 搜尋引擎 Ginny used a search engine to find Web sites about C.S. Lewis. database (n) 資料庫 This hospital has a database with information on all its patients. credits (n pl) 劇本/書籍/電影 的 演職員名單 工作人員名單 The credits for this movie appear at the beginning, not at the end. trailer (n) 預告片 When I saw a trailer for the new Mel Gibson movie, I knew I wanted to see the movie. 2006/05/27 vital (adj) 極其重要的 You are a vital member of our team. We need you. gene (n) 基因 Your parents's genes decide whether you are short or tall. emphasis (n) 重視 強調 My teacher puts a lot of emphasis on speaking English clearly so we can be understood. productive (adj) 有生產力的 I was very productive at work today. I finished all my work on the big project. 2006/05/26 overwhelm (v) 淹沒 戰勝 seemingly (adv) 表面上 by comparison (adv) 相較下 High school was really hard. But college, by comparison, has been easy so far. fall short (idiom) 有所不足 達不到標準 My grades this year fell short of my parents' expections. They weren't very happy. measure up (v) 符合 趕上 Sarah studied really hard this year, but she still didn't measure up to the rest of her class. self-esteem (n) 自尊 Laura is extremely shy and doesn't have much self-esteem. frame (n) 骨架 Rob's not really fat. He just has a large frame. therapist (n) 治療師 A therapist is helping Mary to deal with the death of her father. 2006/05/16 glamorous (adj) 迷人的 富有魅力的 cramped (adj) 狹窄的 No more than two people could live in this cramped apartment. There's just not enough space. homesick (adj) 想家的 思鄉的 For a long time after she moved to America, Grace felt homesick. crabby (adj) 脾氣壞的 易怒的 When Jack gets tired, he becomes very crabby. intense (adj) 劇烈的 Connie's stomach pain was so intense, I took her to the hospital. 2006/05/15 distracting (adj) 讓人分心的 Please turn the TV off while I'm studying. It's very distracting. routine (n) 例行公事 慣例 My morning routine includes drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. console (v) 安慰 Ellen consoled her brother when his dog died. snap (v) 對某人疾言厲色 厲聲地說話 The boss is in a bad mood. She's been snapping at everyone today. on tour (adj) 巡迴演唱的 巡迴演出的 The music group will be on tour in Europe for three weeks. touchy (adj) 敏感易怒的 Don't mention Tom's bad haircut. He's quite touchy about it. 2006/05/12 music video (n) MTV 音樂錄音帶 Alicia Keys is filming a music video of her latest song. client (n) 客戶 Our company serves many international clients from Europe and Asia. function (n) 功能 This camera has many high-tech functions, but I don't know how to use them all. model (n) 款式 型號 That car is last year's model. I think this year's model. I think this year's model looks much better. 2006/05/11 caffeine (n) 咖啡因 alcohol (n) 酒精, 酒 around the corner (idiom) 即將到來的 Graduation is just around the corner, and I can heardly wait! takeoff (n) 起飛 On airplanes, my dad is very nervous during takeoffs and landings. motion sickness (n) 動暈症 (暈機 暈車 暈船) Melissa doesn't like riding in cars and buses because she often gets motion sickness. contact lens (n) 隱形眼鏡 Sarah doesn't like to wear glasses. She prefers contact lenses. blood clot (n) 血塊 clot(n)凝塊 (v)凝結成塊 Blood clots can sometimes lead to a heart attack or other serious problems. dehydration (n) 脫水 hydration (n) 水合作用 Drink plenty of water while you jog so you won't experience dehydration. 2006/05/10 rhino (n) 犀牛 = rhinoceros elusive (adj) 逃避的 難以理解的 lodge (n) 旅社 stilt (n) 高腳柱 These beach houses stand on stilts to keep them out of the water. spectacle (n) 壯觀的場面 奇觀 Watching a bear ride a bicycle is quite a spectacle. heart-thumping (adj) 驚心動魄的 提心吊膽的 That was really a heart-thumping end to the basketball game! Our team won by only two points. serene (adj) 寧靜的 scenic (adj)風景的 scenery This trip down the river will be very serene and calm. polo (n) 馬球 Polo is a very popular game in England. People play it on horseback. kayaking (n) 乘坐小艇划行 The boats used for river kayaking are shorter than the ones used for sea kayaking. 2006/05/09 intrigue (v) 引起好奇心或興趣 The beginning of this story intrigues me. I want to read more and find out what happens next. holy (adj) 神聖的 The Bible is the holy book of Christians. majestic (adj) 雄偉的 The tourists admired the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon. panoramic (adj) 全景的 From the top of the mountain, you can get a panoramic view of the valley. Hindu (adj) 印度教的 Many Hindu believers live in India. circuit (n) 環線 繞行 Mark makes a circuit around the park every day. 2006/05/08 sandwich (v) 夾在..中間 (n)三明治 Jennifer wasn't comfortable. She was sandwiched between Ben and Mike in the car. white-water rafting (n) 激流泛舟 Let's go white-water rafting on the river. I hear it's really fun! amenity (n) 便利設施 This hotel has all kinds of amenities such as air conditioning and room service. comings and goings (n pl) 熙來攘往 來來往往 Gina likes to watch the comings and goings of ships in the harbor. rickshaw (n) 人力車 黃包車 = ricksha A man pulled Sarah in a rickshaw through the streets of Shanghai. 2006/05/06 complement (n)補充 (v) 補充 complementary (adj) 互補的 compliment (n) (v) 讚美 問候 complimentary (adj) 恭維的 贈送的 muscle (n) 肌肉 creamy (adj) 含乳脂的 thick (adj) 厚的 thin (adj) 薄的 yogurt (n) 優酪乳 優格 Americans use cow's milk to make yogurt, but Greeks use goat or sheep's milk. mussel (n) 淡菜 One famous dish from this seaside town is baked mussels. eggplant (n) 茄子 The eggplant's purple color makes it the most attractive of the garden vegatables. roast (v) 烤 They roasted the pork on an open fire. pita (n) 圓麵餅 口袋餅 Claire made a sandwich with chicken and pita bread. casserole (n) 焗烤料理 Country-style cooking in the U.S. is known for its delicious casseroles. 2006/05/05 gaze (v) 凝視 Mediterranean (adj)(n) 地中海的 地中海 文藝復興的 de'cor (n) 裝飾(法) succulent (adj) 多汁的 多水分的 cucumber (n) 黃瓜 feta (n) 羊乳酪 distinctive (adj) 有特色的 finances (n pl) 財務狀況 資金 Bob has problems managing his finances. He spends more money than he earns. patch (n) 園地 小塊土地 Susan grows vegatables on a small patch of land next to her house. appetizing (adj) 開胃的 This fried rice was so appetizing I ate three large servings(食物,飲料等一份). savory (adj) 味道濃烈的 很有味道的 This lamb dish was so savory, I didn't need to add any more spices. stucco (n) 灰泥 Stucco walls are common in Mediterranean architecture. 2006/05/04 young at heart (adj) 童心未泯的 Christy is still young at heart. She is 31 years old, but she still loves watching cartoons. innocence (n) 純真 The little boy's innocence made all the adults wish they were still young. exception (n) 例外 This store is open every day. Christmas and New Year are the only exceptions. vague (adj) 含糊的 模糊的 The end of that movie is too vague! I don't understand what happened. 2006/05/03 cartoon (n) 卡通 / kar'tun/ carton (n) 紙箱 /'katn/ purse (n) 錢包 女用手提包 animated (adj) 動畫的 卡通電影的 My son really likes to watch the animated movie Finding Nemo. transform (v) 轉換 改變 Tom transformed his appearance with just a haircut and some new clothes. consumer (n) 消費者 Paula is a careful consumer. She always researches the products before she buys them. bravery (n) 勇氣 勇敢 Bruce showed much bravery when he saved the little boy from the burning building. licensed product (n) 授權商品 This movie's licensed products made more money than the movie itself. 2006/05/02 sacrifice (v) 犧牲 Shelly sacrificed her career to start a family. keep someone in the dark (idiom) 不讓某人知道 I think you should tell Tom what you're planning. Don't keep him in the dark. look up to someone (idiom) 尊敬某人 You should set a good example for your little brother. He really looks up to you. network (v) 溝通互動 Howard is very good at networking with people. He's talked to almost everyone at his party. 2006/05/01 role model (n) 模範 My teacher is my role model. I really admire her and want to be like her. promotion (n) 晉升 升遷 Mandy just got a promotion. Now she's a manager in the company. get ahead (idiom) 有進展 獲得成功 Ben works really hard every day to get ahead in his job. establish (v) 得到肯定 建立 After Tim established his career, he decided to buy a house and car. entry-level (adj) 基層的 初階的 The only jobs Susan could find were entry-level positions. She couldn't find any management positions. pay one's dues (idiom) 付出代價 付出努力 Allie paid her dues working as a waitress for a year before she finally got the job she wanted. 2006/04/29 shame (n) 羞恥 After Billy stole from the school, he felt shame for what he did. put something in perspective (v) 以正確的觀點看待事情 I thought I was the only one who felt this way. But talking to my counselor helped me put my feelings in perspective. confide (v) 吐露 傾訴 confess(v)承認 confine(v)限制,作月子 Judy is someone I trust a lot, so I like to confide in her. get something back on track (idom) 使某事恢復正常 You need to study more to get your grades back on track. 2006/04/28 startling (adj) 令人吃驚的 suicide (n) 自殺 I know you feel that you have no more hope in your life. But suicide is not an option. symptom (n) 症狀 A headache is one symptom of the flu. factor (n) 因素 要素 We considered several factors before making our decision. overwhelming (adj) 壓倒性的 勢不可檔的 After the hurricane, the response from people willing to help was overwhelming. 2006/04/27 midst (n)(adj)(prep.) 在中間 中部 former (adj) 前任的 <-> latter depression (n) 憂鬱症 沮喪 意志消沉 My dad fell into depression after he lost his job. cope (v) 妥善地應付 處理 Ann said she couldn't cope with all this noise. She's used to working alone. anxiety (n) 焦慮 Ben has a lot of anxiety about giving his speech on Friday. prompt (v) 促使 What prompted you to do that? mental health (n) 精神健康 心理衛生 Tommy may act normal, but he actually has some mental health problems. 2006/04/26 dial (v) 撥 I dialed my friend's phone number and waited for him to answer the phone. keep up (v) 跟上 I can't keep up with the class's reading schedule. I read too slowly. infant (n) 嬰兒 The woman held the infant in her arms and rocked him to sleep. collapse (v) 倒下 垮掉 After finishing the long race, the runner collapsed on the ground. keep you posted (idiom) 會經常給你最新消息 2006/04/25 passer-by (n) 過路人 Many people walked past the hurt puppy, but none of the passers-by stopped to help. lug (v) 使勁拉 吃力地搬 Jim lugged two huge bags of garbage downstairs and threw them in the garbage can. get rid of someone of something (idiom) 擺脫某人或某物 These shoes are so old. It's time to get rid of them. uniform (n) 制服 My basketball team wears red and black uniforms. 2006/04/24 bulging (adj) 裝滿的 curb (n) 路邊 馬路邊 pull over (v) 把..開到路邊 He pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped. toddler (n) 正在學步階段的小孩 幼兒 My 2-year-old toddler still doesn't walk very well. weary (adj) 疲憊的 The weary traveler went to a hotel and fell asleep almost instantly. flag down something (idiom) 打旗號或作手勢使某事物停止 I tried to flag down the bus, but it didn't stop for me. nightmare (n) 惡夢 夢靨般的經歷 My math test was a nightmare. It was the hardest test I'd ever taken. shuttle bus (n) 接駁巴士 The hotel shuttle bus took Betty to the airport. hostel (n) 青年旅館 hostile(adj)敵人的 充滿敵意的 Ken stayed in hostels on his vacation because he wanted to save money. 2006/04/22 monitor (v) 監控 監看 Two teachers monitored the class during the test to make sure no one cheated. update (v) 更新 為..提供最新信息 After returning from vacation, I asked my secretary to update me on the project. identity (n) 身分 Are you sure you know the real identity of your Internet friend? objective (n) 目的 目標 If we all work toether, we can reach our objective more quickly. arcade (n) 電玩店 When I was younger, I went to the arcade to play video games. 2006/04/21 format (n) 型態 格式 This movie was released in both DVD and VCD formats. merge (v) 合而為一 會合 The two separate roads merged into one road. armed (adj) 武裝的 Police warned people that the thief was armed and dangerous. open fire (v) 開火 When the criminal pulled out a gun, the police opened fire on him. console (n) 電腦遊戲機裝有搖桿的控制台 Home video games were first played on consoles. But now you can play them on computers, too. virtual (adj) 虛擬的 Susan goes virtual shopping on the Internet because she likes staying at home. scrape (n) 擦傷 bruise (n) 碰傷 veteran (n) 富有經驗的人 老手 sophisticated (adj) 老於世故的 Bob is a baseball veteran. He's been playing the game for 20 years. slender (adj) 苗條的 How does Sarah maintain such a slender figure? She must exercise a lot. unshakable (adj) 堅定不移的 Laura's faith in her father is unshakable. Nothing can make her stop trusting him. blister (n) 水泡 My shoes don't fit well. They've given me a blister on my foot. attention deficit disorder (n) 注意力缺陷症 deficit (n) 不足 赤字 My child has trouble concentrating in class because he has attention deficit disorder. snowy (adj) 下雪的 thinning air (n) 稀薄的空氣 scale (v) 攀登 攀爬 Antarctica (n) 南極洲 arctic (adj) 北極的 (n) 北極地帶 slope (n) 斜坡 This slope is too steep. I don't think I can climb it. mount (v) 登上 When his name was announced, Jim mounted the stage to perform his song. undertaking (n) 工作 Starting a new business is a huge undertaking. feat (n) (英勇的)事蹟 /fit/ Circling the globe is a sailboat is not an easy feat. summit (n) 峰頂 = peak We climbed to the summit of the mountain and watched the sunrise. mountaineering (n) 登山運動 Mountaineering is one of the most challenging outdoor sports. bulge (v) 凸出 凸起 My stomach bulges out after I eat a big meal. parallel (adv) 平行地 The dancers lines up parallel to one another. slip (v) 滑 失足 I slipped and fell on the dance floor. How embrassing! vertical (adj) 垂直的 John's shirt had vertical stripes that made him taller and thinner. belay device (n) 制動器 belay (v) 用繩索拴住 Make sure your partner understands how to use the belay device before you start climbing. scale (v) 攀登 Andrea's dream is to scale Jade Mountain. plastic (n) 塑膠 My watch is not expensive. It's only made out of plastic. rush (n) 刺激感 興奮感 roller coaster (n) 雲霄飛車 Riding roller coasters gives me a real rush! determination (n) 決心 Michael studies Chinese with determination. break (n) 契機 大好機會 Dan's big break came when he was invited to sing for the president. suspense (n) 擔心 掛心 懸疑 Kate kept Jack in suspense for a few days before she said she'd marry him. catch (n) 圈套 The restaurant is giving away free food? There must be a catch. motive (n) 目的 動機 Whey are you being so nice to me? What's your motive? demo (n) 試聽帶 The band sent its demo to several record companies. stall (n) 攤位 (v) 延遲 拖延 multi-story shopping malls (story : (n) 樓層) authentic (adj) 可信的 可靠的 elevated (adj) 架高的 From the elevated walkway, you can see the rooftops of some buildings. commodity (n) 商品 Thailand sells rice, rubber and other commodities abroad. massage (n) 按摩 After a long day at work, a massage can be very relaxing. feast (n) (感官等方面的)享受 賞心樂事 This beautiful painting is a feast for the eyes. python (n) 蟒 巨蛇 Look at that python! It's over 3 meters long! clog (v) 阻塞 Something is clogging the sink(水漕). The water won't go down the drain(排水管). canal (n) 運河 水道 A boat ride through the canals of Venice is very enjoyable. juicy (adj) 多汁的 There is nothing better than a fresh, juicy mango. take time out (idiom) 撥出時間 Jim took time out between high school and college to go travling. long-tail boat (n) 長尾船 Long-tail boats are the best way to get around Bangkok's khlongs. satay (n) 沙爹 Satay is small pieces of meat cooked on a stick. vibrant (adj) 充滿活力的 生氣蓬勃的 Shanghai is a vibrant city. It's full of life. vendor (n) 小販 That street vendor is selling all kinds of clothing. steamy (adj) 潮濕的 Let's stay inside where it's cool. The weather is hot and steamy today. lavish (adj) 奢華的 Miranda's parents spent $250000 on her lavish wedding. spire (n) 尖頂 That building has a tall spire on its roof. crispy (adj) 脆的 mild (adj) 溫和的 subtle (adj) 微妙的 plum (n) 梅子 bass (n) 鱸魚 steamed (adj) 煮的 燉的 蒸的 tangy (adj) 味道強烈的 具提神作用的 This lemon sauce has a nice tangy flavor. savor (v) 品嚐 Don't eat too fast. Slow down and savor every bite. miss out (v) 錯過機會 Don't miss out on the chance to study abroad when you're young. conclude (v) 判斷 下結論 After reading John's note, I concluded that he was angry with me. citrus (adj) 柑橘的 Oranges and limes are my facorite citrus fruits. curry (n) 咖哩 I think Thai curry tastes better than Indian curry. blend (n) 混合物 (v) 混合 These cigarettes are a blend of the best tobaccos. lime (n) 石灰 酸橙 essence (n) 精華 經隨 The essence of the Christian faith is love and forgiveness. distinctive (adj) 獨特的 特殊的 Van Gogh has a very distinctive style. I can easily recognize his paintings. tantalizing (adj) 誘人的 This soup has a tantalizing smell. I can't wait to taste it. tender (adj) 嫩的 柔軟的 (n) 投標 This beef is juicy and tender. culinary (adj) 烹飪的 The chef prepared some very special culinary delights. auction (n) 拍賣 This famous painting was sold for over one million dollars at an auction. list (v) 刊登 Marty listed all the items he wanted to sell on the notice board at work. accurate (adj) 精確的 準確的 Susie's description of her brother was very accurate. I recognized him immediately. browse (v) 瀏覽 I like to browse for a while before I decide what to buy. profile (n) 個人檔案 Many Web sites ask visitors to create a profile on their site. make one's money stretch (idiom) 讓某人的錢發揮最大的價值 You can make your money stretch by using less electricity during the summer. on one's hands (idiom) 在手邊 Mary doesn't work, but she has the responsibility of raising two children on her hands. antique (n) 古董 This old clock is a valuable antique. partner (v) 搭檔合作 Nathan and John partnered with each other to complete their science project. register (v) 註冊 You must first register your name with this store before you can buy anything. garage sale (n) 舊物拍賣會 All the neighbors went to Mrs. Wesley's home to see what she was selling in her garage sale. cue (n) 信號 訊息 When the phone rang, I decided that was my cue to leave the room. clueless (adj) 愚蠢的 一無所知的 I felt cluless when they were talking about soccer. I don't know anything about it! spell something out (idiom) 對..詳加說明 I don't like you. Do you understand that or do I have to spell it out for you? tactful (adj) 圓滑的 Mark is a tactful person. He is very careful not to hurt anyone's feeling. snide (v) 刻薄的 After Kelly tripped, Jean made a snide remark about how clumsy(笨拙的) she was. social skill (n) 社交技巧 Frank needs to develop his social skills. He is very shy and uncomfortable around people. pushy (adj) 咄咄逼人的 They pushy sales assistant tried hard to sell me the dress even though I didn't like it. nosy (adj) 多管閒事的 My nosy sister likes listening to my phone conversations. cartoon (n) 卡通 carton (n) 紙箱 紙盒 slang (n) 俚語 Pete uses a lot of slang when he speaks. connect (v) 連結 建立關係 John and Paul connected with each other through their shared interest in basketball. distinguish (v) 有所區隔 Tom's hair is bright green, so you can easily distinguish him from his classmates. die out (v) 消逝 Those ancient costoms died out a long time ago. No one follows them anymore. flip out (idiom) 抓狂 Mom flipped out when she saw my dirty room. spoiled (adj) 寵壞的 spoil (v) 損壞 糟蹋 process (v) 處理 It took longer than we expected to process all the information and make a decision. viewpoint (n) 視角 觀點 What is your viewpoint on this discussion? What is your opinion? individualistic (adj) 個人主義的 個人化的 The way John lives is very individualistic. He likes to do everything on his own. personal space (n) 私人空間 Please leave me alone. I need some personal space. log (n) 圓木 chop (v) 砍 劈 split (v) 劈開 分開 Terri split the sandwich into two and shared it with Jim. rustle (v) 沙沙作響 The leaves on the tree rustled in the wind. empty-handed (adj) 雙手空空的 Sarah couldn't find the shoes she wanted, so she left the store empty-handed. damp (adj) 濕的 潮濕的 Hang the damp towel on the clothesline to dry. moose (n) 麋鹿 A moose is an animal that looks like a large deer. tying (tie 的進行式 tie / tied / tied / tying ) 捆 紮 tip (v) 使傾斜 roar (v) 吼叫 stiff (adj) 強烈的 猛烈的 A stiff breeze blew some leaves off the trees. switch (v) 交換 轉換 Lisa likes to switch back and forth between English and Chinese when she speaks. lash (v) 撲打 I woke up to the sound of rain and wind lashing at my windows. sting (v) 刺痛 I wasn't careful washing my face and the soap stung my eyes. on course (adj) 維持在..方向的 If you continue to study hard, you'll be on the course to graduate in two years. canvas (n) 帆布 My backpack is made out of canvas. canoe (n) 小船 舟 獨木舟 paddle (n) 槳 stream (n) 小河 rear (adj)(n) 後面 upside down (adv) 顛倒 反轉 glide (v) 滑行 The dancers glided across the dance floor as if they were flying. boundary (n) 邊界 分界線 My neighbor's fence is a boundary between his house and mine. gear (n) 設備 Our camping gear included a tent, sleeping bags and a flashlight. secluded (adj) 隱密的 僻靜的 Tracy's family home is located in a quiet, selcluded forest. outfitter (n) 旅行用品業者 We went to an outfitter to buy everything we needed for the hike. beaver's den (n) 海狸窩 We found a beaver's den next to the river. empirical (adj) 經驗上的 leeway (n) 緩衝 充裕 Our boss gives us some leeway on when to arrive for work. If we're a little late, that's OK. segment (n) 部分 This book is split into three segments, each on a different topic. characterize (v) 顯示出..的特性 Thai cuisine is characterized by lots of spices and seafood. set aside (n) 置於腦後 丟在一旁 They decided to set aside their personal differences and work together. linear (adj) 線性的 線行的 Logic is solving problems in a linear way. conveyor belt (n) 輸送帶 The objects slowly moved along the conveyer belt in the factory. convey (v) 運送 搬運 Passengers are conveyed by bus to the air terminal. cyclical (adj) 循環的 The seasons of the year follow one after another in a cyclical pattern. on the dot (idiom) 準時地 Our French club meetings always start at 4 o'clock on the dot. perceive (v) 看待 Stanley always perceives problems to be wrose than they actually are. standardize (v) 統一 使標準化 The school standardized its English tests. Now every English class takes the same tests. precedence (n) 優先順序 優先地位 Doing your homework should take precedence over watching TV. -oriented (suffix) 以..為導向的, 以..為目的的 Tim is very family-oriented. He likes to spend a lot of time with them. literally (adv) 確實地 實在地 Bob and Lynette have literally nothing in common. tilt (v) 傾斜 This fence tilts a little bit to the left. I need to straighten it. fairy tale (n) 童話故事 My favorite fairy tale is the story of Little Red Riding Hood. settle for something (v) 退而求其次地接受 勉強接受 Don't settle for poor quality. Only choose the very best. chain (n) 連鎖店 McDonald's is one of the world's most successful restaurant chains. reputation (n) 名聲 美譽 John has a reputation for being fair and honest. You can trust him. expansive (adj) 寬闊的 This expansive library contains every book printed in English in the last 100 years. cater (v) 滿足需要 迎合 This charity organization caters to the needs of poor single mothers. outstanding (adj) 突出顯著的 Colorado's most outstanding natural feature is the Rocky Mountains. lap of luxury (idiom) 體驗及至奢華 Laura lives in the lap of luxury. She has everything she could ever want. helicopter pad (n) 直升機起降場 Only small helicopters can land on the boats's helicopter pad. round-the-clock (adv) 日以繼夜的 People with very important jobs sometimes have to work round-the-clock. butler (n) 男管家 lodge (n) 守衛室 旅社 山林小屋 discerning (adj) 有鑒賞力的 This city's most discerning diners eat at this expensive restaurant. extravagant (adj) 奢華的 Bill lives a simple life. He doesn't need expensive cars of other extravagant things. accommodation (n) 住房 Single rooms are the only accommodations the hotel has available tonight. rustic (adj) 鄉村風味的 質樸的 Sarah dreams of living in a rustic cabin in the woods. in one's own right (idiom) 因著本身的條件 才華等 Jim isn't famous, but he's still an art master in his own right. safari (n) 野生動物之旅 We went on an African safari and saw lions and elephants. in demand (idiom) 搶手的 Rachel is always in demand whenever we need a birthday cake. Her cakes are delicious! sought after (idiom) 被尋求的 炙手可熱的 Nicole's translating skills are very sought after. She has no problem finding work. marketing (n) 行銷 This company's marketing department thought of a great way to sell the product. know-how (n) 知識 技巧 If you don't have the know-how to complete this project, give it to someone who does. open up a world of opportunities (idiom) 開啟無數的機會 Getting a college degree has opened up a world of opportunities for James. He already has three job ofers. give someone an edge (idiom) 讓某人佔優勢 Jeremy's three years of experience gave him an edge over the other applicants for ths job. proficiency (n) 精通 Emily's proficiency in German helped her get used to life in Germany. possess (v) 擁有 具備 Mike possesses a good understanding of ths environmental issues in this country. perk (n) (因職務而得的薪資以外的)額外補貼 好處 I can reach the highest shelves in my kitchen. That's one of the perks of being tall. go behind someone's back (idiom) 背著某人 Don't go behind Mary's back with this problem. You need to tell Mary what you're going to do. considerate (adj) 體貼的 considerable (adj) 相當多的 值得考慮的 Natalie is a considerate and kind person. smitten (adj) 神魂顛倒的 Kyle is smitten with Veronica. He thinks about her all day. old-fashioned (adj) 守舊的 My parents are very old-fashioned, so they won't allow me to date until I've graduated from college. invasion (n) 入侵 湧入 London gets a big invasion of tourists every summer. privacy (n) 隱私權 Anita wanted some privacy, so she went into her bedroom. defensive (adj) 自我防衛的 Megan gets defensive whenever anyone mentions her bad grades. put up with something (idiom) 容忍某事 For many years, Mark put up with a noisy neighbor. R.A. (resident assistant) 舍監 As an R.A., Hugh is responsible for the 20 students living in this building. crispy (adj) 清脆的 = crunchy devour (v) 吃完 狼吞虎嚥吃 scrumptious (adj) 極好的 scoop (n) 勺子 mild (adj) 淡的 delectable (adj) 美味可口的 This bakery makes delicious cheesecakes and many other delectable treats. filing (adj) 有飽足感 My dinner was very filling. I counldn't eat another bite. ponder (v) 仔細思考 Jim pondered his future. He didn't know if he should continue studying or start working. make for something (v) 有助於某事 A delicious dinner and good friends make for an enjoyable evening. avocado (n) 酪梨 This dish is made from a green fruit called avocado. bandito (n) 強盜 The Mexican bandito robbed the townspople. fare (n) 食物 (交通工具)票價 This restaurant serves hamburgers and other American fare. decor (n) 室內裝潢 The hotel's Italian decor made me feel like I was in Italy. moist (adj) 適度含有水分的 These cookies are very moist and delicious. They are not dry. crunchy (adj) 鬆脆的 I felt the bag of potato chips open, so they're not very crunchy anymore. fiesta (n) 慶典 宗教節日 shred (v) 切絲 First cook the chicken, then shred the meat into small pieces. ethnic (adj) 種族的 ethic (adj)(n) 倫理 倫理的 stellar (adj) 傑出的 The musicians gave a stellar performance that impressed everyone. pier (n) 碼頭 You will find Jim's boat tied up at the end of Pier 19. hangout (n) 流連之處 On weekends, our favorite hangout is the Thai restaurant on Main Street. nationality (n) 國籍 I'm British. What is your nationality? surfing (n) 衝浪 If you like swimming, then you should try the sport of surfing. cuisine (n) 食物 菜餚 captivate (v) 使著迷 The children were captivated by her story. specialty (n) 專長 專業 Her specialty is biochemistry. luxurious (adj) 豪華的 This five-star hotel is very expensive and luxurious. glamorous (adj) 迷人的 glamor (n)魅力, 或者 glamour Julie's job is very glamorous. She travels a lot and meets famous people. on the edge of one's seat (idiom) 迫不及待的 The movie was very exciting. The audience was on the edge of their seats. cruise (v) 漫遊 Vance spent the afternoon cruising along the coastal road on his motorcycle. boulevard (n) 林蔭大道 There are many cars parked along this wide boulevard. diverse (adj) 多元的 互異的 This university has a diverse group of students coming from many different countries. border (v) 與..鄰近 與..接壤 Tall trees border the front of our house, blocking our view of the street. sprawl (n) 市區的擴展 The sprawl of this city is growing very quickly. Many new buildings are being built. suburb (n) 近郊住宅區 The downtown area was too noisy for Bob, so he decided to move to a quiet suburb. count on someone or something (v) 依靠某人 or 某事 You're a good worker. We can always count on you to do the job well. tow (v) 拖 拉 You can't park your car there. Someone will tow it away. all along (adv) 始終 Jack knew all along that he would marry Jill one day. toast (n) 敬一杯 敬酒 (v)(n) 烤土斯 Everyone drank a toast to the newly married couple. vocals (n pl) 聲樂部分 聲樂演唱 This song has great vocals. Listen to the clear, strong voices! look on the bright side (idiom) 往好處看 I'm sorry you lost your cell phone, but look on the bright side. That was an old one, but now you can get a new one. mechanic (n) 技工 機械工 If your car breaks down, you should take it to a mechanic. presume (v) 假設 Don't presume that Alice hates you. In fact, she likes you a lot. ignorant (adj) 不懂得 不知道的 My mother is ignorant about computers. She's never even used one. rally (n) 集合 集會 They held a rally in support of the civil-rights movement. rehearse (v) 排演 rehearsal (n) The actors rehearsed their play many times before they performed it. privilege (n) 榮幸 It was a privilege to meet the city's mayor. propose (v) 提議 I propose that we go see a movie on Friday evening. gymnasium (n) 體育館 We have all our sports lessons in the school gymnastium. acoustics (n pl) 音響效果 The acoustics in this classroom are terrible. I can't hear the teacher. wholeheartedly (adv) 全心全意的 I wholeheartedly agree with you. We must make those changes. enroll (v) 入學 Kevin just enrolled at his new school. He hasn't started classes yet. land (v) 得到 Patsy landed a new job immediately after graduation. audtion (v) 試鏡 飾演 Ellen auditioned for a small dancing part in the school play. intact (adj) 完整無缺的 未受損傷的 The film star's reputation was still intact despite the terrible news story about him. avid (adj) 熱衷的 Bruce is an avid soccer fan. He never misses watching a game. celebrity (n) 名人 Jackie Chan is a celebrity. He can't go anywhere without being recognized. down-to-earth (adj) 樸實的 Cynthia is very down-to-earth. She has a practical and honest attitude about life. correspondence course (n) 函授課程 My mother never finished college so now she's taking correspondence courses. dreamer (n) 夢想家 Lara's a dreamer. She always imagines herself as a world-famous singer. crack (v) 嗓音變粗 或變亞 Tony's voice cracked as he tried to thank his coworkers without crying at his retirement party. gymnastics (n pl) 體操 Jane hurt her leg in gymnastics class today. bug (n) 著迷 Mark has the photography bug. He's been taking pictures of everything. trailer park (n) 拖車住戶區 Ken grew up in a trailer park, but now he lives in a huge house on the beach. indescribable (adj) 難以言喻的 難以形容的 The beauty of the sunset was indescribable. unbearable (adj) 讓人無法忍受的 I don't like summers because the heat is unbearable for me. commuter (n) 通勤族 Every morning, the train is full of commuters traveling to work. addict (n) 對..上癮的人 Helen is a chocolate addict. She eats chocolate every day. dub (v) 授予..稱號 They dubbed him a traitor(叛國賊). tie the knot (idiom) 共結連理 結婚 knot結 We'll tie the knot this July. We want a summer wedding. ceremony (n) 典禮 儀式 All of my family members came to my graduation ceremony. serenade (v) 對..唱小夜曲或情歌 Lisa's boyfriend likes to serenade her with Italian love songs. suite (n) 套房 This hotel room is too small. Let's stay in the suite because it has more than one room. scuba diving (n) 水肺潛水 Guam is a great place for swimming and scuba diving. viva (interjection) 萬歲 When the president visited the town, the crowds shouted, "Viva the President! Long live our President!" propose (v) 求婚 When George proposed to me last night, I said, "yes"! newlywed (n) 新婚夫婦 After the wedding, the newlyweds spent a week in Hawaii. vow (n) 誓言 誓約 Karen and Paul said their marriage vows in from of all their friends and family. breathtaking (adj) 令人嘆為觀止的 驚人的 Be sure to take many photos. The view from this mountain is breathtaking. the sky's the limit (idiom) 選擇多不勝數 擁有無限可能 With your excellent grades, the sky's the limit for college choices. skydive (v) 跳傘 For his birthday, Tom learned how to skydive. make something clear (v) 清楚聲明 清楚表明 The mother's angry expression made it clear she was not happy with her children's behavior. property (n) 住家 地產 Besides his large house in town, Jackson also owns property in the countryside. swerve (v) 繞到旁邊 行進中轉離車道 The bus suddenly swerved to the right and hit a tree. haunt (v) 縈繞在..心頭 The image of the dog being hit by a car haunted me for the rest of the day. send chills down one's spine (exp) 讓..不寒而慄 Clayton's scary story send chills(寒氣) down my spine(脊椎) ! huddle (v) 擠在一起 The children huddled together like a flock(羊群) of sheep. stiffen (v) 使變硬 變硬 a shirt with a stiffened collar creak (v) 發出吱吱嘎嘎的聲音 The wooden floor creaked when Tom walked across it. in one's mind's eye (idiom) 腦海中出現..景象 As I read the fairy tale, in my mind's eye I could see the princess in her magical kingdom. dash (v) 飛奔而來 猛衝 I must dash. I need to be home in 20 minutes. nowhere to be found (adj) 到處都找不到 I looked all over the house for my watch, but it was nowhere to be found. run wild (idiom) 胡思亂想 失去控制 When I heard my dad was in an accident, my thoughts ran wild with what could've happened. rifle (n) 步槍 The hunter shot the deer with a rifle. startle (v) 嚇了一跳 A loud noise startled everyone in the building. unsettling (adj) 令人不安的 Everyone had an unsettling feeling that something terrible was going to happen. shift (n) 班 輪班 Mom works the day shift at the hospital so she can spend time with us in the evenings. cautiously (adv) 小心翼翼地 Vickie cautiously backed the car out of the garage, watching for traffic on both sides. eaves (n pl) 屋簷 The eaves on this house hang about one foot past the outside walls. ultimate (adj) 最棒的 極限的 This is the ultimate vacation! I've never had so much fun before! perspective (n) 看事物的角度 When I saw the city from a plane, I got a new perspective. Everything looked so small. display (n) 螢幕上所顯示的圖或資料 Todd looked at the airport screen display to see what time the plane landed. electronics (n pl) 電器 This store sells home electronics. You can buy stereos, TVs and computers here. holographic (adj) 全像攝影的 The holographic images of those people are so good. They look as if they're real. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) 核磁共振造影 When the x-ray didn't show what was wrong with my back, my doctor decided to get an MRI instead. bug (v) 煩擾 激怒 It bugs me when people talk with food in their mouth. sensitive (adj) 敏感的 易受影響的 Susan is very sensitive. She always notices how other people are feeling. down on someone (idiom) 不喜歡或不滿意某人 Ben is really down on himself. He just doesn't like himself at all. full of oneself (idiom) 自以為是 Evan is so full of himself. He's always telling people how wonderful he is. loser (n) 失敗者 Don't call your brother a loser, Paige. That's not nice. brag (v) 自誇 自我吹噓 Don't keep telling everyone about your excellent test score. It sounds like you're bragging. rub in something (v) 觸痛 激怒 I know I made big mistake. So please stop reminding me. Don't rub it in! get over something (v) 恢復 克服 It took Brandon a long time to get over his broken heart after Shelly broke up with him. offend (v) 冒犯 傷害..的感情 Grant really offended Lydia when he said she was fat. level off (v) 漸趨平緩 House prices have risen recently, but they'll probably level off soon. zip (v) 迅速有力地行動或移動 As I crossed a road, a car zipped pat me so fast I almost fell over. reverse (n) 反向 倒退 He had to put the car into reverse to back up the street. elite (adj) 精英的 優秀的 Only the elite mountain climbers will consider climbing Mt. Everest. hit the streets (v) 出現 問世 This news story hit the streets yesterday morning and quickly spread throughout the city. gear (n) 排擋 When I cycle on hills, I need to use a low gear. urban (adj) 城市的 In some developing countries more and more people are migrating to urban areas. scrumptious (adj) 極可口的 These chocolate-chip cookies are scrumptious! I want another one. subtle (adj) 細緻的 隱約的 This room is painted a subtle shade of green. It's not very obvious. complement (v) 與..搭配 與..相配 compliment (v)(n) 讚美 贈送 恭維 You should buy this shirt. It really complements your eyes well. zip (n) 風味 There is something special in this sauce that gives it a zip! I don't know what it is, but I love it. mozzarella (n) 一種義大利白乾酪 My favorite pizza has simply tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. steal the show (idiom) 搶盡風采 That musical was well performed. But it was the female star that stole the show. pin down (idiom) 明確地說明或界定 It is often hard to pin down an exact translation between English and Chinese words. with something in mind (adv) 把..放在心上 I wrote this story with my sister Amanda in mind. appetizer (n) 開胃小菜 Soup and bread are common appetizers served in restaurants. appetite (n) 胃口 My son Campbell has a big appetite. He always seems hungry. dig in (idiom) 開始大快朵頤 Wait until everybody has sat down at the dinner table before you dig in! taste bud (n) 味雷 Your taste buds can identify sweet, sour(酸), bitter(苦) and salty flavors. exquisite (adj) 精美的 She bought an exquisite china figurine. overview (n) 概觀 概要 The professor gave the students an overview of the class for the semester. innovation (n) 改革 革新 The latest innovations in computers are amazing! take in (v) 去.. 把..列入旅程 While you're in New York City, be sure to take in a Broadway show. landscaped (adj) 造景的 Marg spent a lot of money on her beautifully landscaped garden. telescope (n) 望遠鏡 If you want to see the stars more clearly, look through a telescope. carve (v) 雕刻 Jenny's dad carves little animal toys from wood. freehand (adv) 不打草稿直接創作地 Sergio is a great artist. He can draw beautiful pictures freehand. tumble (v) 飛舞 翻滾 Sara wasn't careful opening the bag of marbles and they all tumbled out onto the floor. capture (v) 捕抓 Zach's poem really captures the feeling of loneliness. sculptor (n) 雕刻家 The sculptor carved a big statue of a bear. Renaissance (n) 文藝復興 Art and science began to flourish in Europe during the Renaissance period. gaze (v) 凝視 注視 Peter gazed at the beautiful girl for a long time. boutique (n) 精品店 The clothes in that boutique are beautiful, but I can't afford them. centerpiece (n) 主要裝飾物或陳列物 This huge fountain is the centerpiece of the town. gaping (adj) 裂開的 This old man has a gaping hole in his mouth where his front tooth used to be. Middle Ages (n pl) 中古世紀 中世紀 During the Middle Ages, life was very hard in Europe. act (n) 節目 表演節目中的一項 My favorite part of tonight's talent show was the comedy act. stand out (v) 引人注目 Gary's bright red hair makes him stand out from his classmates. gicker (v) 爭吵 Tony and Michelle were bickering about whose responsibility it was to cook dinner. teamwork (n) 團隊 團隊精神 The baketball team showed good teamwork and won the game. instrumentalist (n) 樂手 樂器演奏者 Our band is made up of three instrumentalists and two singers. short of someone or something (adj) 缺少某人或某事物 We are short of salesmen in our company. We need to hire two more. butt in (v) 插話 We're having a serious conversation. Please don't butt in with your silly comments. skilled (adj) 熟戀的 My mom is a skilled dressmaker. She makes all her own clothes. crucial (adj) 重要的 Which career to choose is one of life's most crucial decisions. keep it down (v) 保持安靜 Please try to keep it down in the library. Others are studying. jest (v) 說笑話 Bill really likes to jest. He likes to make people laugh. arrange (v) 改編 (音樂 劇本等) Christina arranged this music for the piano and flute. have a shot at something (v) 有機會 If you study hard, you might have a shot at getting into law school. clinch (v) 贏得 Ben scored a goal and clinched the victory for his basketball team. elusive (adj) 難以到手的 閃躲的 For this poor family, being wealthy is an elusive dream. nestle (v) 依傍 依靠 The little boy nestled himself on the sofa between his mom and dad. Olympic hopeful (n) 有奪牌希望的奧運選手 Germany has many Olympic hopefuls competing in the Olympics this year. Olympic flame (n) 奧運聖火 In 1996, Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame at the summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. collide (v) 衝撞 相撞 Fred collided with a tree while riding his bike. stroke of luck (n) 好運當道 I almost didn't get home last night. But with a stroke of luck, I caught the final train just before it left the station. unfold (v) 展開 呈現 Many Americans watched the events of 9/11 unfold on their TVs. mere (adj) 僅僅 This tie looks very expensive, but it only cost a mere 10 dollars. semifinal (n) 準決賽 If we win this semifinal, we'll be in the final game of the competition. coveted (adj) 讓人夢寐以求的 渴望得到的 The basketball trophy(勝利) is the most coveted prize in the school. nominate (v) 提名 Tom Smith was nominated for high school president today. Will he win? tune in (v) 收看 Tune in to next week's program to see what happens next. Oscar (n) 奧斯卡金像獎 The movie Titanic won 11 Oscars in 1997. Emmy (n) 艾美獎 Sesame Street has won the most Emmys for a children's TV program. They've won 23 times. nominee (n) 入圍者 被提名人 Don Cheadle was a nominee for the Best Actor Oscar last year, but he didn't win. setting (n) 設定 My digital camera has different settings for taking pictures during the day or night. mode (n) 模式 I just set my cell phone to thie silent mode so that only I know if someone calls me. spare (adj) 備用的 I keep a spare tire in the trunk of my car. backup (n) 備份 You should make a backup of all your computer files, just in case something happens to your computer. resolution (n) 解析度 If you only have a low-resolution picture, the details will not be very clear. pixel (n) 畫素 Digital images are made up of tiny dots called pixels. memory card (n) 記憶卡 My memory card is full. I'll have to delete some pictures or save them to my computer. entree (n) 主菜 I'm hungry tonight. I want a salad, an entree, and a dessert. with relish (adv) 津津有味的 很享受的 Tom really enjoys being a car salesman. He does his job with relish. succulent (adj) 多汁的 This roast chicken is so succulent. It's not dry at all. pastry (n) 酥皮點心 Dad went to the bakery to buy some pastries. concoction (n) 混合多種食物的菜餚 Sierra likes to experiment with cooking. She makes interesting concoctions with pickles(醃菜) and peanut butter. oxtail (n) 牛尾 Oxtail - the tail of a cow - makes wonderful soups and stews(燉肉). minced (adj) 切碎的 mince (v) 切碎 This beef dish needs minced beef, not a steak. borscht = borsch (n) 羅宋湯 authentic (adj) 正統的 真正的 This isn't an authentic Ming dynasty vase. It's a fake. cuisine (n) 菜餚 Let's go to a French restaurant tonight. I want to try French cuisine. hearty (adj) 豐盛的 We ate a hearty breakfast before we went on our all-day hike. mouthwatering (adj) 令人垂涎的 Look at those delicious, mouthwatering cakes in the shop windows. I want one now. rye (n) 黑麥 Campbell made a ham(火腿) sandwich using rye break. beet (n) 甜菜根 Rachel like to use beets in her salads. loaf (n) (一條or一塊)麵包 He asked for a loaf of bread. dip (v)(n) 浸泡 She dipped her finger in the water to see if it's hot. cereal (n)(adj) 穀類植物/製品 麥片 I've just bought a box of cereal. hawk (v) 叫賣 Several men stood on the street corner hawking T-shirts. platform (n) 月台 平台 Jenny stood on the platform for 20 minutes waiting for the train to come. masterpiece (n) 傑作 名作 Several masterpieces by famous painters hang in this art gallery. monument (n) 紀念館 紀念碑 This monument in the city square was built in memory of our country's heroes. metro (n) 地下鐵 Many people ride the city's metro to get to work. fortress (n) 堡壘 要塞 The fortress protected the people from the enemy. priceless (adj) 無價的 貴重的 The antiques in this museum are priceless. impress (v) 給..留下深刻印象 使感動 John impressed Rita with his perfect Chinese. goods (n pl) 商品 貨物 All the goods in the store are on sale today. Faberge egg (n) 彩蛋 Faberge eggs are elaborate Easter eggs that were made for the tsar each Easter. dome (n) 圓頂 A huge dome covered the sports arena. dramatic (adj) 戲劇性的 引人注目的 The city made dramatic changes to its downtown. It looks very modern now. policy (n) 政策 It is the country's policy to allow visitors to stay for only two weeks. era (n) 時代 年代 Communication is much easier in the era of computers. venue (n) 會場 場地 The new concert hall is a great venue for performances. tsar (n) 沙皇 dull (adj) 誨暗的 This city is dull and gray. parade (n)(v) 遊行 閱兵 The general inspected the parade. A parade was held on New Year's Day. march (v) 行軍 The soldiers marche by the reviewing stand(閱兵台). self-help (adj) 自助的 Julie is reading a self-help book to try to improve her life. contrary to something (adv) 與..恰恰相反 Contrary to popular opinion, recent studies show chocolate may be good for you! motion (n) 動作 The song has some fun and simple hand motions. reassure (v) 向..再次保證 使..安心 My mom tried to reassure my little brother that nothing was hiding under his bed. seminar (n) 研討會 Professor Davis leads a seminar on how to improve the environment every Wednesday morning. spiritual (adj) 靈性的 屬靈的 As well as physical needs, most people have spiritual needs. corporation (n) 企業 Tammy works for a large corporation with 1100 employees. astonish (v) 震驚 Lisa astonished everyone when she got the top mark in her class. hostage (n) 人質 kidnapper (n) 綁匪 The hostages were held for 13 months before they were released. suspected (adj) 有嫌疑的 疑似的 The suspected robber was found guilty after the money was discovered in his car. U.S. Senate (n) 美國參議院 The U.S. Senate discusses and passes laws for the nation. captor (n) 俘虜(他人)者 捕獲者 The captor demanded money before releasing the group of 12 people. existence (n) 存在 My grandfather's school has been in existence for over 80 years. obviously (adv) 顯然地 Obviously we can't live without eating or sleeping. notably (adv) 尤其是 特別是 Vera Wang is famous for her fashion designs, notably her wedding gowns. in the works (idiom) 在進行當中 The movie was so popular that part two is already in the works. nonfiction (n) non-fiction 非小說類文學作品 I like to read nonfiction books on subjects like world history and science. hardback (n)(adj) 精裝本 精裝的 That book also has the hardback version, but it's more expensive. lyric (n) 歌詞 What do the lyrics in this song mean? pronounce (v) 發音 The th in south can be hard to pronounce. polish something up (v) 修改 潤飾 polish(v) 磨光 punish (v) 處罰 Mason is polishing up his speech for tomorrow. drill (n) 練習 鑽洞(v)(n) When Steven was in the army he did exercise drills every morning. warm up (v) 暖身 Spend a few minutes warming up before you go running. delay (v) 延遲 耽擱 Sorry, I'm late. I was delayed by the traffic. hang out (idiom) 閑晃 消磨時間 Let's hang out and watch a movie at your house tonight. spice up something (idiom) 使某事物增色 增添趣味 We need to spice up this play with some more jokes. make it big (idiom) 成名 After five years, Tim finally made it big as a famous actor. coincidence (n) 巧合 What a coincidence! We both said the same thing at the same time! rehearsal (n) 練習 排練 Today the school choir has their final rehearsal before tomorrow night's concert. contract (n) 合約 The recording company offered the singer a contract to make two albums. session (n) 一段時間 There will be a study session for Math 101 on Wednesday. stress (v) 強調 In class, our French teacher stressed how important languages are in business. unethical (adj) 不道德的 Some people think it's unethical to sell cigarettes because they are so harmful. initiative (n) 主動(的行動) Jacob liked Lillian but was too shy to ask her out. So she took the initiative and asked him out instead. obstacle (n) 障礙 I really want to go to university, but money is an obstacle I need to overcome first. living proof (n) 活生生的例子 James is living proof that hard work and patience are keys to success in life. high-profile (adj) 備受矚目的 This actor has a high-profile life. His picture always appears in newspapers and magazines. testify (v) 作證 My mother went to court to testify against the man that robbed her. logic (n) 邏輯 I don't understand the logic of your argument. It doesn't make sence to me. curiosity (n) 好奇心 My little boy has a natural curiosity. He's always exploring and finding out about things. assassination (n) 暗殺 After the assassination of their queen, her son became the leader of the country. devote (v) 致力於, 將..奉獻給.. Bill left his job to devote more time to his family. renowned (adj) 聲譽卓著的 Mother Teresa was renowned for her work with the poor in India. captain (n) 隊長 船長 As captain of the ship, he is in charge of all the people who work there. founder (n) 創始人 Bill Gates is the founder of the computer company Microsoft. forensic science (n) 鑑識科學 The police used forensic science to find the burglar's fingerprint and put him in jail. biochemistry (n) 生物化學 My brother studies biochemistry to learn about the chmistry of living things. fast asleep (adj) 沉睡的 Bill was so tired that he fell fast asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. drowsy (adj) 昏昏欲睡的 Sarah's medicine was making her feel drowsy. So she decided to take a nap. stimulate (v) 使興奮 刺激 These unusual paintings really stimulate my imagination rely (v) 依賴 My grandmother relies on a walking cane(手杖) to move around. easygoing (adj) 隨和的 悠哉悠哉的 Tom's brother doesn't get stressed at all. He's an easygoing guy. indecisive (adj) 優柔寡斷的 Julie and I are both so indecisive. We can never decide where to eat dinner! fall into something (idiom) 屬於..哪一種 I fall into two categories. I have a choleric personality, but I also have many melancholic qualities. cultivate (v) 培養 It takes a lot of effort and care to cultivate a new frendship. set in stone (idiom) 定案 固定不變 Our agreement is not yet set in stone. We can still change our minds. motivated (adj) 有幹勁的 積極的 Michael is a hard-working and motivated employee. bossy (adj) 愛指揮別人的 跋扈的 My brother is so bossy. He's always telling me what to do. compassionate (adj) 有同情心的 Krista is one of the most compassionate people I know. She really sympathizes(v)同情 with people in pain. sympathy (n) 同情心 sympathetic (adj) 有同情心的 I have no sympathy for beggars. loyal (adj) 忠誠的 忠實的 Bob is very loyal to his company. He would never consider quitting his job. sanguine (adj) 樂觀的 懷著希望的 Sanguine people have appealing personalities. take charge (idiom) 掌控 掌管 I decided to take charge and become the leader of this project. category (n) 分類 種類 The paintings in this museum are in two categories: old and modern. spontaneous (adj) 隨性的 自發性的 Tim is so spontaneous. Yesterday he just decided to sell his house, quit his job, and move to Hawaii! center of attention (n) 注意力的焦點 My little sister loves to be the center of attention. She is always doing things to make people nitice her. literate (adj) 能讀寫的 Kelly's teenage son needs extra reading and writing classes because he isn't literate. miserable (adj) 痛苦的 Glen is really miserable at his job. He wants to quit. outsider (n) 外人 局外人 Mel just started a new job last week. So he still feels like an outsider in the company. compromise (v) 折衷 妥協 Phil wanted to leave home at 7:15. But his wife, Liz, wanted to leave at 7:45. So they compromised and left at 7:30. intercultural (adj) 跨文化的 I've learned a lot about intercultural communication from my job. We have employees from seven different countries. mutual (adj) 共同的 Jack and I met at the party of a mutual acquaintance. distant (adj) 遙遠的 久遠的 One day I would like to own a house. But that is in the distant future. fit in (idiom) 融入 Ruby doesn't really fit in with her classmates. She has little in common with them. have one's heart set on something (idiom) 對某事下定決心 Helen has her heart set on becoming a dancer when she grows up. I hope her dream comes true.
YEAR : 2005 and ealier curl up (v) 捲曲身體 When Rita is feeling sick, she likes to curl up with a hot cup of tea. stale (adj) (空氣)汙濁的 腐壞的 These potato chips a re stale. How long have you had them in the cupboard(櫥櫃, 碗櫃)? creep (v) 緩慢的行進 My little brother likes to creep by my room at night and try to scare me. vow (v) 發誓 When I got married, I vowed to love my wife no matter what. National Guard (n) 國家警衛隊 Jim was recently recruited to serve in his country's National Guard. at a snail's pace (idiom) 非常緩慢地 The traffic moved at a snail's pace around the accident on the highway. mercilessly (adv) 無情地 殘忍地 My brother likes to tease my sister mercilessly about her new boy friend. dismay (n) 沮喪 失望 Much to my dismay, I failed my last history exam. budge (v) 移動 Henry tried to move his bed so it would face the window, but it wouldn't budge. traffic jam (n) 交通組塞 塞車 Sam's car got caught in a traffic jam so he was late to work. restless (adj) 焦躁不安的 Lucy often feels restless at night and can't sleep until she reads a book or takes a bath. trudge (v) 跋涉 走 We trudged slowly through the deep snow to get home. junk food (n) 垃圾食物 If you eat too much junk food, you will probably gain weight. stranded (adj) 受困的 In the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks was stranded on a deserted island. snowplow (n) 鏟雪車 The snowplows started working very early in the morning to clear away all the snow. exit ramp (n) 出口匝道 You need to take the next exit ramp off the freeway to get to Jill's place. American Red Cross (n) 美國紅十字會 The American Red Cross helps many needy people at Christmas. nonprofit (adj) 非營利的 As a nonprofit organization, this charity uses all the money it makes for research and education. fundraising (n) 募款 This pop concert is the school's main fundraising event of the year. cause (n) 目標 理想 When Toby heard about the poor children in Africa, he decided to give $1000 to the cause. blessing in disguise (idiom) 因禍得福 When Jenny lost her job, it was a blessing in disguise. She was able to spend more time with her husband and children. executive director (n) 執行主任 執行董事 Mr. Rogers is the executive director of this company. He makes many important decisions. diagnose (v) 診斷 The doctors diagnosed Tom with skin cancer. feel sorry for oneself (v) 自怨自艾 John sat in the corner alone, feeling sorry for himself. charity (n) 慈善機構 UNICEF is a charity that helps children around the world. promote (v) 提升 促銷 The clothing store uses ads to promote its products. multiple sclerosis (n) 多發性硬化症 Ron has had multiple sclerosis for many years. He can't walk or see well anymore. cache (n) 寶藏 藏寶處 When the men entered the secret room, they found a huge cache of gold and jewels. goodies (n pl) 好東西 糖果 At the end of the party, all the children were given a bag of goodies to take home. track down something (v) 追蹤某事務 The police used a set of footprints to track down the thief. GPS (global positioning system) (n) 全球衛星定位系統 When Alan traveled through the Gobi Desert, he used GPS to find his way. coordinate (n) 座標 (v) 協調 I need the coordinate of that location or I won't be able to find it on the map. logbook (n) 日誌 When Mike sailed around the world, he recorded everything in a logbook. procession (n) 遊行 行進 There was a royal procession with 100 soldiers through the streets of the city. shelter (n 棲身之所 遮蔽處 As we walked home it started to rain, but we found shelter under a big tree. originate (v) 起源 Ballet is a dance that originated in France. ornament (n) 裝飾 Grandma decorates her Christmas tree with many pretty ornaments. set off (v phr) 燃放(爆竹, 煙火等) 啟動 The thieves set off the alarm in the shop when they tried to escape. nativity scene (n) 耶穌誕生圖 Many families display a nativity scene at home to remind them of the christmas story. examine (v) 檢視 審視 Carefully examine your goals to make sure you know what you're doing. substitute (v) 取代 代替 We don't have any more blue pens. Can we substitute black ones? debt (n) 債務 Jerry is in debt. He owes the credit card company $10,000. interest (n) 利息 Helen borrowed money to buy a car. She must pay back the money with 6 percent interest. minimum payment (n) 最低付款額 The minimum payment on a credit card is usually about 2.5 percent of the balance. proverb (n) 諺語 俗語 "Where there's a will, there's a way" is one of my favorite proverbs. financial (adj) 財務的 金融的 Mark has plenty of money because he makes good financial dicisions. squander (v) 浪費 揮霍 Nancy squandered all her money on junk food and KTV. intermediate (adj) 中期的 中級的 The intermediate level is between basic and advanced. money burns a hole in someone's pocket (idiom) 留不住錢 Maria can't save any money. Her money always burns a hole in her pocket. back out (v) 退出 取消 He backed out of the deal when he saw the risks. He has decided to back out of the scheme. let someone down (idiom) 讓某人失望 I hate to let you down, but I can't go with you after all. in the same boat (idiom) 面臨同樣的問題 We're all in the same boat. We all have no jobs and no money. slacker (n) 逃避責任的人 懶惰鬼 Kyle is such a slacker. He hardly ever studies. drop out (v) 輟學 Ron never graduated from college. He dropped out after his second year. extracurricular (adj) 課外的 Tim doesn't have time to study for his classes because he's doing too much extracurricular activities. ir-responsible (adj) 不負責任的 Hannah was irresponsible. She stayed up all night with her friends and didn't finish her homework. interfere (v) 妨礙 牴觸 I don't want to interfere in Pat and Bonnie's relationship. I'll let them handle it on their own. pick up the slack (idiom) 接手(工作) slack (n) 鬆弛部份 (adj)鬆懈的 If you don't get your work done in time, whom do you expect to pick up the slack? theme week (n) 主題周 The German department hosted a theme week at school. They wore German clothes and celebrated German culture. GPA (n) grade point average 學業成績總平均 She got excellent grades in college, so she had a high GPA:3.97. sunbathe (v) 作日光浴 She likes to lie on the beach and sunbathe. Her skin is very brown. exquisite (adj) 精緻的 精美的 She sells very fine and exquisite jewelry. It's expensive but worth the high price. venture (v) 冒險(前往) Would you like to venture out and explore the area? locale (n) 場所 地點 Disneyland is the perfect locale for family fun and entertainment. parasail (v) 玩拖曳傘 I would like to try parasailing over the water because I like teh feeling of flying. hatch (v) 孵化 When will these eggs hatch? I want to see the chicks when they're born. ethnic (adj) 種族的 People from many different ethnic groups live in this city. Each group has its own culture and customs. paradise (n) 樂園 天堂 This place feels like paradise. It's so beaufiful and relaxing here. enticing (adj) 迷人的 有吸引力的 The water looks very enticing. It makes me want to jump in right now. orangutan (n) 紅毛猩猩 We saw a hairy orangutan hanging from a tree in the forest. snorkel (v) 浮潛 Jane loves to snorkel near the beach and look at the beautiful fish underwater. stress out (v) 感到壓力 焦慮 Try not to stress out about all your work. You should relax more. resort (n) 渡假村 This beautiful island has many resorts with great hotels and restaurants. resemble (v) 像, 與..相似 Tom really resembles his father. it is very clear that Tom is his son. lush (adj) 蒼翠繁茂的 = blooming The lush hillside was covered with hots of plants and trees. paddy (n) 稻田 The farmers worked in the rice paddies for most of the day. delicacy (n) 佳餚 美食 In Paris, I enjoyed eating some famous French delicacies. customary (adj) 習俗的 慣例的 On American Thansgiving, many families eat a customary turkey dinner together. sparkle (v) 閃耀 Julie's diamond earrings sparkled in the bright sun. illumination (n) 燈採 照明 This room is very dark. The only illumination is from a small lamp in the corner. facility (n) 設備 設施 Our school's sports facilities include a very big swimming pool. replica (n) 複製品 Don't worry. This gun isn't real. It's just a replica. onset (n) 開始 到來 Before the onset of winter, many birds fly to warmer places. savory (adj) 美味可口的 鹹的 Paula prefers savory snacks to sweet ones. strait (n) 海峽 The government will build a bridge across the strait. plum (n) 梅子 The onset of spring brings coutless plum and cherry trees. carve (v) 雕刻 sculpture (n) 雕刻品 The artist carves ice sculptures expertly. tunnel (n) 隧道 A tunnel takes traffic under the river to the other side. manufacturing (n) 製造業 Tom has a manufacturing job now. He's working at a factory that makes cars. propotion (n) 比例 A large propotion of high school students hope to attend university. ferry (n) 渡輪 There is no bridge across the river, so we must take a ferry to the other side. pass the time (idiom) 打發時間 When I'm stuck in traffic, I like to pass the time by listening to the radio. installment (n) 分期連載/分期付款 This novel first appeared in a magazine in 24 installments over two years. catch on (v) 變的流行 受歡迎 Coffee is gaining popularity in Asia, but it still hasn't caught on amount older people. compose (v) 創作 Can you help me compose this letter? I really don't know what to say. text message (n) 文字簡訊 I like to send my friends text messages on my cell phone. transform (v) 改變 Computers and the Internet have transformed the world. overstate (v) 誇大 誇張 同意字:boast(v) exaggerate(v) Bill says Star Wars is the best movie ever made. But he often overstates things. conduct (n) 為人處世 行為舉止 The teacher called Tim's parents to discuss his bad conduct in class. conduct (v) 指導 引導 He conducted the members of the audience to their seats. conference (n) 會議 Dr. Mellon spoke at an international conference on world peace. sponsor (n) 主辦者 贊助者 Bob's looking for a sponsor to support his new radio show. authority (n) 權力 In England, the Queen has much less authority than the prime minister. call for something (v) 需要, 要求某事 You've been accepted by Harvard University? This calls for a celebration! alarm (v) 使驚慌不安 A loud noise alarmed the sleeping baby, and she started to cry. thoughtless (adj) 無心的 欠考慮的 Your thoughtless actions can really hurt other people. So think before you act. head on (idiom) 迎頭 The car crashed into the wall head on. The front of the car was badly damaged. one's heart goes out to someone (idiom) 同情 When my friend lost her grandmother, my heart really went out to her. mentor (n) 人生導師 When I was young, my father was my mentor. He taught me many things about life. personnel (n) 人事 人力 Our company does not have enough personnel. We need to find some more workers. leap at something (v) 欣然接受 急切地抓住 (leap v. 跳躍) When Sue was asked to star in a movie, she leaped at the opportunity. diligence (n) 努力 勤勉 I appreciate your diligence. You always work hard and never give up. in agreement (adj) 同意的 My brother and I disagree about most things. But we're in agreement on this issue. mentally challenged (adj) 有心智障礙的 This is a school for mentally challenged children. It has special programs to help them learn. hand-me-down (adj) 傳下來的 二手的 Billy doesn't have any new clothes. He wears hand-me-down clothes from his older brother. speechless (adj) 啞口無言的 When Jim gave Susie a diamond ring, she was speechless. She didn't know what to say. dial (v) 打電話 Let me dial the office. I need to talk to my boss. clarity (n) 清晰 明晰 After my teacher explained the math problem, I saw it with new clarity. dissect (v) 解剖 In science class, we dissected a frog to learn more about its muscles and bones. decked out (adj) 盛裝的 Tony came to work all decked out in a brand new suit. limo (limousine) (n) 大型豪華轎車 Rob and his friends rented a limo to take them to the school dance. finding (n) 調查 The medical study's findings proved that the new medicine is unsafe. morale (n) 士氣 Morale is very low in the company because several people have lost their jobs. sidecar (n) 機車旁邊的邊車 My sister is afraid to ride on the motorcycle, but she likes riding in the sidecar. symphony orchestra (n) 交響樂團 Sarah played the violin for five years in our city's symphony orchestra. heartbreaking (adj) 令人心碎的 Tom wrote a heartbreaking story about a family's experiences during the war. wither (v) 失去生氣 衰弱 The little dog withered away because no one gave him food and water. resolve (v) 決定 Patty has resolved to lose 10 pounds in the next three months. grant (v) 允許..實現, 許可 My mom granted my request for a big birthday party on my 16th birthday. psychological (adj) 心理學的 心理的 Psychological research has shown that many emotional problems begins at childhood. second wind (n) 恢復元氣 重新振作 After jogging five miles, I felt tired. But at mile seven, I got my second wind and my energy returned. abuse (v) 虐待 Those children were abused at home. Their father often hit them. turn someone away (v) 拒於門外 趕離 The concert hall was so full, many people were turned away at the door. lease (v) 租 If you can't afford to buy a new car, you could simply lease one for a couple years. adopt (v) 收養 Mark and Sylvia adopted a little boy whose parents died. tend (v) 照顧 Hank tends all the farm animals. He feeds them and clean their living areas. slim down (v) 減重 Judy is overweight. She needs to slim down. neglect (v) 忽視 That dog is neglected. No one takes him for walks or plays with him. recover (v) 復原 恢復 It took Tom six weeks to recover from his broken leg. power pole (n) 電線杆 The power poles keep the power lines off the ground. fitness center (n) 健身中心 Nancy goes to a fitness center three times a week to exercise. rehabilitation center (n) 復建中心 The staff at the rehabilitation center helps people recover from their injuries. diploma (n) 文憑 When Steve graduated from the university, he got a diploma. come up with something (idiom) 想出(點子,解決之道) Let me think about the problem. I'm sure I can come up with an answer. daydream (v) 做白日夢 Shirley sat in class daydreaming. She didn't even hear a word her teacher said. outlook (n) 見地 觀點 Jennifer has a positive outlook on life. She always thinks everything is good. make headway (idiom) 有進展 (make progress) I'm trying to finish my homework. But I'm not making much headway. pattern (n) 模式 Jeff eats lunch and then takes a nap. That's his daily pattern. emerge (v) 浮現 出現 If you keep asking the right questions, the truth will eventually emerge. take something for granted (idiom) 將某事物視為理所當然 Don't take your health for granted. Take good care of your body. critical (adj) 批判的 苛刻的 Don't be so critical of Miranda's idea. I think it could work. serve as something (v) 作為..用途 My sofa also serve as a bed when I have guests overnight. interactive (adj) 互動式的 New interactive language-learning tools make learning English fun. agricultural (adj) 農業的 農產的 Wheat and other agricultural products are this country's main exports. exhibit (v) 展示 This artist has exhibited his paintings in many famous art galleries. Antarctic (adj) 南極的 南及地區的 Antarctica (n) 南極洲 Antarctic weather is extremely cold most of the year. pastoral (adj) 牧羊人的 田園的 Jim and his wife loved the pastoral life so much, they decided to live on a farm. array (n) 大量 許多種多西的陳列 This shop has a wide array of cakes. bloom (v) 怒放 盛開 In the spring, roses and other flowers bloom in Mabel's garden. unspoiled (adj) 未受破壞的 spoil (v) 損壞 糟蹋 This small island has beautiful, unspoiled beaches. untouched (adj) 未被開發的 John enjoys hiking in Alaska's untouched wilderness. botanic (adj) 植物的 Sean likes walking through the botanic garden and reading the names of all the plants. abundant (adj) 大量的 We have abundant rainfall this year. dub (v) 授予..稱號 This city was dubbed "The Garden City" in 1997. elegant (adj) 雅致的 The bride wore an elegant dress at here wedding. trace (n) 痕跡 You didn't wipe the table clean. There are still traces of dirt on it. passer-by (n) 行人 路人 The beggar asked a passer-by on the street for money. lounge (v) 悠閒地消磨時光 We lounged on the sofa and watched TV all day. pollution (n) 污染 In most large cities, cars produce a lot of pollution. tram (n) 電車 Some cities in Europe still use old trams for public transport. weave (v) 迂迴行進 The river weaves through the woods. delicate (adj) 精緻的 易碎的 fragile Please be careful with these dishes. They're quite delicate. on short notice (adj) 突如其來的告知 If you need help, just call. I can be there on short notice. deaf (adj)聾的 mute/dumb (adj) 啞的 bald (adj) 禿頭的 slip one's mind (idiom) 忘記 Were we supposed to meet for lunch? It completely slipped my mind. convene (v) 集合 聚會 convention (n) 會議 The planning team will convene for its first meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. space out (idiom) 迷裡糊塗 昏昏沉沉 I am so sorry. I spaced out and forgot about our meeting. owe (v) 欠(債) I owe the landlord one hundred dollars. We owe a great deal to our parents. (應感激 to..) dumb (adj) 啞的 愚笨的 upcoming (adj) 即將來到的 e.g. upcoming holiday up and coming (adj) 新興起的, e.g. up and coming baseball star get stuck in traffic (ph.) 塞車 = be in a traffic jam You will get stuck in traffic if you don't make a detour. make up for something (v) 彌補 補償 Brad gave his wife some flowers to make up for forgetting her birthday. gracious (adj) 寬容的 When I broke Kevin's computer, he was very gracious. He told me not to worry about it. armpit (n) 腋下 (美國俚語) 最噁心的地方 Detroit was considered the armpit of America in the 1970s. wrestle (v) 摔角 wrestler (n) 摔角選手 Some alligator(短吻鱷) wrestlers have a backgroup in biology. cover up (v) 遮蓋 How can you cover up your mistake? pry (v) 撬開 The door was stuck shut. We had to pry it open. biology (n) 生物學 I normally don't like science, but biology is one of my favorite classes. odor (n) 氣味 smell與scent(香味) Something really stinks(發出惡臭 v)! What is that terrible odor? diaper (n) 尿布 Young children usually wear diapers until they are 2 or 3 years old. cat litter (n) 貓砂 You should change your cat's cat litter about once a week. therapist (n) 治療師 The child doesn't speak very clearly. He needs to go see a speech therapist. unwind (v) 放鬆身心 After a long day at work, I love to unwind by watching a movie or exercising. glitch (n) 技術上的小故障 小毛病 This computer program must have a glitch. It sometimes closes unexpectedly. adept (adj) 熟練的 精通的 Ruthie is a very adept chess player. She can beat all the other kids in our class. immune system (n) 免疫系統 I've heard that taking vitamins every day strengths the immune system. fabulous (adj) 棒透了 絕佳的 My trip to Europe was fabulous. I had a wonderful time. occupation (n) 職業 工作 Firefighting is one of the world's most dangerous occupations. detail (v) 詳述 詳細說明 Please detail your report thoroughly. customer service (n) 客戶服務 Waiters need excellent customer service skills. equip (v) 裝備 配備 Johnny's new car is equipped with a TV and DVD player. maneuver (v) 操縱 The driver maneuvered his car through narrow alleys to avoid traffic. invaluable (adj) 寶貴的 無價的 Katherine knows a lot bout relationships. The advice she gave me was invaluable. construct (v) 製造 建造 Tom constructed a table using some pieces of wood and some nails. marine (adj) 海洋的 與海有關的 Josh is a marine scientist. He studies the ocean. contend (v) 主張, 辯稱 Jasper's lawyer contended that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime. greenhouse effect (n) 溫室效應 Many scientists say Earth is warming because of the greenhouse effect. atmosphere (n) 大氣層 The huge fire sent clouds of black smoke into the atmosphere. carbon dioxide (n) 二氧化碳 Green plants help take carbon dioxide out of the air. treaty (n) 協議 條約 After fighting for five years, the countries finally signed a peace treaty. in order (idiom) 適當的, 正確的 You passed the university entrance exam? Then congratulations are in order! reverse (v) 扭轉 徹底改變 Our company has been losing customers. What can we do to reverse this trend? environmental (adj) 環境的 That factory has caused a lot of environmental damage. retreat (v) 退卻 後退 As the lake dried out, the water slowly retreated from the shoreline. cycle (n) 循環 週期 All animals experience the natural cycle of birth, growth and death. glacier (n) 冰河 The ice in that glacier is nearly 500 feet thick! The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (n) 三國演義 transition (n) 過渡時期 After graduation, my tansition from college to work was difficult for me. pave the way (idiom) 為...鋪路 This new research will pave the way for furture developments in science. slavery (n) 奴隸身分 被奴役狀態 Millions of people still live in slavery today. They are forced to work for little or no pay. up one's sleeve (idiom) 接下來有..計畫 John is hard to predict. You never know what he's got up his sleeves. script (n) 劇本 Writers are working on a script for a new Superman movie. burnout (n) 筋疲力竭 Too much stress on the job can quickly lead to burnout. close quarters (n pl) 近距離 I don't like living with other people in such close quarters. I prefer having my own space. dub (v) 稱呼 取綽號 this truck is dubbed "The Monster" because it's so big and noisy. trench coat (n) 軍用大衣 I usually wear my long trench coat on cold and rainy days. big-time (adj) 一流的, famous, 成功的 Make friends with him. He is a big-time businessman. immigrate (v) 遷移 移民 Les and his family immigrated to America 30 years ago. They now live in New York. come down with something (idiom) 染上 John came down with a cold, so he decided to stay in bed and rest. witness (v) 目睹 目擊 The police are hoping that someone who witnessed the crime will report what happened. despair (n) 絕望 Many poor people in the city live a life of despair. They feel there is no hope for them. tuberculosis (n) 結核病 Dad coughs a lot and his chest hurts. I hope he doesn't have tuberculosis. slum (n) 貧民區 I saw a lot of poor people living in bad conditions in the city's slums. awkward (adj) 笨拙的 不熟練的 棘手的 難以對付的 She is still awkward with chopsticks. He asked several awkward questions at the press conference. confidant (n) 知己 密友 good friends pal buddy (to be buddy buddy with someone) Andrea is a great confidant. She's a great listener and very trustworthy. back away from someone (v) 從某事物中退出 Sometimes backing away from an argument is better than fighting with a friend. stab someone in the back (idiom) 在背後中傷某人 Ian and Dana were friends until Dana stabbed Ian in the back. exaggerate (v) 誇大 言過其實 When Casey said she'd heard the story a million times, she was exaggerating. sarcastic (adj) 諷刺的 挖苦的 Mandy's sarcatic comments really hurt my fellings. shrug (v) 表示疑惑 輕視 或者不感興趣 hanna didn't say yes or not. She just shurgged her shoulders. two-faced (adj) 表裡不一的 Tom is really two-faced. He's not as nice as he pretents to be. click (v) 投緣, 合得來 Tim and Terry really clicked the first time they met. They get along very well. confide in + someone (v ph.) 向 someone 透漏秘密 Nowadays girls seldom confide in their mothers starve (v) 挨餓 餓死, 使挨餓 The explorers starved to death in the desert. Let's get something to eat, I'm starving. plus-sized (adj) 加大尺碼的 Thelma has put on a lot of weight. She now needs to wear plus-sized clothes. battle (v) 對抗 搏鬥 The residents of Wood Lane battled the government to stop their park from being torn down. (torn : tear 的過去分詞) scold (v) 責備, 罵 Tim's parents scolded him for wearing his dirty shoes inside the house. enough is enough (idiom) 受夠了 Sally was always late for class. Her teacher finally decided enough was enough and sent her to the principal's office. anorexia (n) 厭食症 When Nancy suddenly lost too much weight, her parents suspected she had anorexia. nutritionist (n) 營養師 A nutritionist helped Nick understand how to eat a balanced diet. breathe (v) 呼吸 /i/ The animal is still breathing, so we knew it was still alive. breath (n) 呼吸 /ㄟ/ After all that running, he was short of breath. (氣呼呼呼的) opening (n) 缺口 I could see light coming through the small opening in the wall. home free (idiom) 大功告成, 抵達安全區域 After finishing the most difficult part of the course, I knew I was home free. pull off (v) 離開 Because we were sleepy, we decided to pull of the highway and rest for a while. trample (v) 踐踏, 踩 If you don't get out of the way, you might get trampled by the running bulls. full throttle (n) 全速 /a/ I raced along on my motorcycloe at full throttle. close encounter (n) 近距離接觸 I had a close encounter with a large bear. He stared at me a moment before walking away. petrol, gas, petroleum (n) 汽油 This land is rich with petrol. to one's surprise (adv) 讓某人大吃一驚 To my surprise, none of my friends had seen the movie. thundering (adj) 轟隆作響的 We could hear the loud noise of the thundering guns. stampede (n) (畜群)亂竄, 驚逃 The scared cows began to run away in a wild stampede. lunge (v) 撲, 衝 The security guard lunged forward and grabbed the thief as he tried to run away. hoof (n) 蹄 You can identify deer tracks by knowing the shape of the animal's hoof. too close for comfort (idiom) 因距離太近而覺得不自在 The bullet missed my head by inches. It was too close for comfort. steam (n) 蒸氣 Who invented the steame engine? herd (n) 畜群, 牧群 (v) 放牧 We saw a herd of elephants yesterday Dogs are often trained to herd sheep. roam (v) 漫步, 俳徊 Homeless people roam the streets because they have no place to go. snowmible (n) 雪車 John rode his snowmobil across the snow at very high speeds. wilderness (n)荒野, 無人煙處 The botanical(植物的) garden has turned into a wilderness. solitude (n) 獨處, 孤獨 Sometimes I like to go to a nice, quiet place to enjoy a bit of solitude. encounter (v) 遇到 While diving in the ocean, I encountered a large shark. bison (n) 野牛 Native Americans used to hunt bison for their meat and skin. blaze a trail (ph.) 開路 America's early explorers blazed a trail for the many people who would later follow. blaze (n) 燃燒, 火焰 blaze (v) 開路, 燃燒 bungee jumping (ph) 高空彈跳 It's quite interesting to join the bungee jumping. hurtle (v) 飛馳, 猛衝 The train hurtled across town at great speeds. dodge (v) 閃避, 躲開 Sam dodged people as he ran through the crowds. must-have (n) 必備之物 This handbag is this year's must-have. So I'm going to buy it. awareness (n) 察覺, 認識 Newspapers help spread awareness about current issues. weave (v) 迂迴前進 The river weaves through the woods. appearance (n) 外表 The appearance of the old house completely changed. take off (idiom) 一鳴驚人, 成功 飛機起飛 That actor's career has really taken off. He's been in three popular movies this year. appeal (v) 吸引 Indian food may not appeal to some people, but I like it. emphasis (n) 重視, 強調 Some English students put too much emphasis on grammar. They should focus more on conversation and writing. hone (v) 磨練 A year working as a taxi driver honed my driving skills. rabbi (n) 猶太教經師 A rabbi is an important leader in the Jewish community. dominate (v) 支配 統治 擁有壓倒性優勢 Spain once dominated the seas. He desires to dominate over others. single (n) 單身者 Some singles are happy being unmarried, but some are not. phenomenon (n) 現象 The employment problem tends to be a city phenomenon. 複數 phenomena discern (v) 辨別 To discern right from wrong, you need a lot of wisdom. nightmare(n) 噩夢 The final exam sounds like a nightmare. I'm not looking forward to taking it. spouse (n) 配偶 I wanted to bring my wife to the company party. But spouses were not invited. iterate (v) 反覆, 重複 CEO iterates his strategy again to his staff. inspiration/perspiration 靈感/汗水 Edition said : Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. quest (n) 探索 搜尋 Many of North America's early explorers were motivated by a quest for gold. revolutionize (v) 改革 變革 The Internet has revolutionized how we give and receive information. convenience (n) 便利設施 Running water is a modern convenience that makes our lives much more comfortable. dim (v) 使...變暗淡 We should dim the lights so it's no too bright. gravity (n) 地心引力 Gravity prevents people and things from just floating into space. document (v) (n) 紀錄證明 The scientist documented his discovery in his research report. urge (v) 敦促 Our coach urged us not to give up. trigger (v) 引發, 觸發 His rude comments triggered a terrible argument. quantity (n) 數量, 量 Elephants drink huge quantities of water every day. printing press (n) 印刷機 Our printing presses make it possible for us to publish large numbers of books. leave one's mark (idiom) 留下痕跡 留下印記 Mr. Green really left his mark on our school. His strong leadership changed our shcool forever. profound (adj) 深遠的, 深刻的 These profound social changes will affect many people's lives. integrity (n) 誠實 正值 I admire him for his honesty and integrity. He can really be trusted. preserve (v) 保存, 保護 We should preserve our country's natural wonders for future generations to enjoy. lull (n) 停頓 暫時平息 The sun came out briefly during a lull in the storm. on someone (prep) 由某人請客 Because it's your birthday today, lunch is on me. hilarious (adj) 可笑的 That is a hilarious joke. bound to do something (v) 一定會 1)If you study hard and practice daily, your English is bound to improve. 2)It's bound to be. sooner and later (adv) 遲早 It was bound to happen sooner and later. run into someone (v) 遇見某人 ~= bump into someone ~= come across someone Sharon ran into her old boyfriend at the mall. Neither of them knew what to say. see someone around (v) 和某人碰面 下次見 I have to go now, I'll see you around. Natural getaways 天然名勝 自然美景 boast (v) 以擁有...自豪, 自吹自擂 (n)吹牛 This city boasts some of the best Chinese restaurants in the world. That brother of yours is full of boasts. (滿口大話) laid-back (adj) 悠閒的 輕鬆的 My mom gets nervous easily, but my dad has always been very laid-back. sanctuary (n) 自然保護區 This bird sanctuary protects a very rare kind of wild goose. desperate (adj) 孤注一擲的, 危及的, 情急的, 鋌而走險的 1) A desperate man will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 2) He was desperate when he lost all his money. (絕望的) 3) He was desperate for work to provide for a large family. (極度渴望的) bizarre (adj) 奇特的, 古怪的 You like to eat pickles with peanut butter? That's bizarre! compact (adj) 緊密的 小型的 It's much easier to find a parking spot for a compact car than for a full-sized car. wares (n, pl) 作品 Becky sells her wares at the night market. balmy (adj) 宜人的 氣候尋合的 Yesterday it was cold and rainy, but today is balmy and comfortable. thrive (v) 繁榮 生長茂盛 My garden is thriving becasue of all this rain. prosperous (adj) 茂盛的 a prosperous city prosperous weather for growing cotton outstanding (adj) 傑出的 Everyone was impressed by Yo-Yo Ma's outstand performance. awe (n) 敬畏 We watched in awe as the fireworks flashed across the sky. stage (n) 階段 Dan is a junior in high school. At this stage, he's still not sure where he'll go to college. veteran (n) 箇中好手 有經驗的人 This baseball veteran has played in the Major leagues for 15 years. idol (n) 偶像 Jackie Chan is my idol. I think he is the greatest actor. reveal (v) 展現 透漏 The way you dress reveals a lot about your personality. true to form (idiom) 一往如常 True to form, Ed won the speech contest for the fifth time. historically (adv) 歷史上地 從歷史角度而言 The movie is not historically accurate. historic (adj) 歷史上有名的 historical (adj) 與歷史有關的 straight-A (adj) 每科都拿A的學生 Sara's a straight-A student because she studies so much. inherit (v) 繼承 I inherited my musical talent from my mom. She's a great singer. promise (n) 潛力 Pasty's really good beginning artist. She shows a lot of promise. amateur (adj) 業餘的 <==> professional Ben enjoys being an amateur photographer. He doesn't want to make photography his career. make a name for oneself (ph.) 闖出名號 Larry is a famous journalist. He made a name for himself writing articles about the war. up-and-coming (adj) 嶄露頭角的 很有前途的 Tracy is one of the up-and-coming lawyers in our office. upcoming (adj) 即將來臨的 There will be an upcoming typhoon, named : LongWan, in this week. concise (adj) 簡潔的 Shannon is very concise. She never says more than she needs to. acquaintance (n) 熟人, 認識的人 I don't know Kyle very well. He's just an acquaintance. draw someone out (v) 引導某人說出 This interviewer is good at asking people the right questions to draw them out. posture (n) 姿勢 Marci has excellent posture. She always sits up straight. gesture (n) 手勢 Don't forget the gesture when you communicate with your pet. eye contact (n) 視線接觸 That man seemed very shy. He never made eye contact with me. by far 顯然 This book is by far the best. trim (v) 修剪 Please have your fingernails trimmed. wipe off (v) 去掉 Keep a tissue handy to wipe of sweat. symptom 徵兆 現象 phenomena / phenomenon 現象 run errands 做些雜事 compulsory 義務的 強制的 compel (v) 強迫 obligation (n) 義務 perspective (n)看法 觀點 遠景 前途 prospect (n)期望 期盼 前景 前途 (v)探勘 slander (n)(v) 毀謗 中傷 scandal (n) 醜聞 rebuke (v) 指責 She often rebukes him for his carelessness. mandate (n) 命令 The government has a mandate from the people to increate taxes. sovereign (n) 統治, 主權國家 Taiwan is the sovereign, but not part of China. opponent (n) 對手 競爭者 He easily defeated his opponent in the election. contest (n) 比賽 爭論 He took part in the composition contest and won a prize. compel (v) 強迫 Don't compel your people to do anything they don't like. seize (v) 奪取 The enemy seized the town after a violent attack. heed (v)(n) 留意 She didn't heed my advice. consensus (n) 一致 motorcade (n) 遊行車隊 pledge (v)(n) 保證 I gave him my pledge that I will support him. I pledge I will vote for him. sympathy (n) 同情心 She is always full of sympathy, every kid likes her. ballot (n) 選票 no bullets, no ballots. acquaintance (n)熟識的人 solid grasp (n)理解 mascot (n)吉祥物 e.g. office mascot appease (v) 平息, 對..讓步, 緩和 Nothing could appease the crying child. attorney (n) 律師 sustain (v) 維持 承擔 SCO has over US$60M in resources to sustain it while it fights with IBM. volatile (adj) 易揮發的, 無常的 The situation in that area was tense, dangerous and volatile. prevail (v) 勝過 Good will prevail over evil. substantial (adj) 充實的, 實在的, 豐富的 People and things are substantial, dreams and ghost are not. The house is substantial enough to last a hundred years. They made substantial changes. diligence (n) 勤勉 勤奮 diligent (adj) Does he have enough diligence to finish the job on time? speculative (adj) 推測的 投機的 speculation (n) 推測 思索 Much of our information is speculative. trivial (adj) 瑣碎的 不重要的 Don't wast your time on these trivial things. distinction (n) 差別 區分 Employers should hire men and women without distinction(discrimination). sequence (n) 結果 連續 一連串 Farmers met with a sequence of bad harvests. breach (n) (v) 對法律的破壞 違反 Your action is a breach of the agreement. consensus (n) 一致, 輿論 unlikely (adv) (adj) 不太可能的 不可能地 She may, not unlikely, go abroad. It seems unlikely that he will come. fraction (n) 小部分 碎片 片段 He has done only a fraction of his homework. offense (n) 罪過 觸怒 冒犯 She meant no offense by the remark. For what offense was he arrested. plague (n) (v) 瘟疫 Europe suffered many plagues in the Middle Ages. etiquette (n) 禮儀 Using good etiquette is a way of showing respect for others. put one's best foot forward 全力以赴 Do you want that job? Then you must put your best foot forward in your interview! grooming (n) 打扮 修飾 If Kevin doesn't improve his grooming habits, he'll never get a girlfriend. keep something handy (v) 把(某物)帶在身邊 Patrick always keeps his Chinese-English dictionary handy in case he needs to look up a word. dispel (v) 消除 解除 Telling people the truth is the best way to dispel a myth.

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